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There are about 100 outfitters in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, and 26 of them are member of the Association des pourvoiries de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue. They provide stays in natural surroundings specifically designed to hunt black bear or moose or to fish walleye and pike. Abitibi-Témiscamingue is definitely the ideal hunting and fishing destination with its 54,000 km2 of forestland occupying 85% of the region, and its 22,000 lakes and rivers. The immensity of the land provides a preferred breeding habitat for the wildlife resources.

Walleye, northern pike, lake trout, brook trout and small-mouth bass anglers looking for a true change of scene, proximity to nature and successful fishing choose to book a stay in one of our outfitting operations. Black bear and moose hunters who want to live a unique experience that combines peace and quietness with pristine environment and comfortable accommodation are never disappointed, because our outfitters offer all that…and much more.

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Outfitter(s) ID Territory Territory Description Directions City Rights Period Location Species Services Tri
La Réserve Beauchêne 4 Témiscamingue 50 000 acres, 40 lakes, 7 species of fish, 1 five stars destination! 3.5 hours from Toronto to North Bay, Ontario, by Hwys. 400, and 11 (or 3 hours from Ottawa by Hwys, 17 and 537). Then 66 kilometers (41 miles) by Hwy 63 to Témiscaming, Québec, and then only 20 kilometers (12 miles) by gravel road to the Lodge. Témiscaming Exclusive Seasonal Lac Beauchêne. 10 km au Sud de Kipawa Small game, Black bear, Moose, Brook trout, Splake, Lake trout, Northern pike, Walleye Launching, Guide service, Boat rental, Dining room, Sauna 17
Pourvoirie du lac Matchi-Manitou 5 Vallée-de-l'Or / Senneterre This outfitter is located near the northern area of La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve. Lake Matchi-Manitou is renowned for quality fishing and hunting and its many fine sand beaches. Those seeking comfort always appreciate our chalets, which include a toilet and a shower, two separate bedrooms, linen, a cooking stove, a refrigerator, pots and pans, a BBQ and automatic heating. These lakeside chalets provide comfort, tranquility and a magnificent view of the lake. Hwy. 117, at km 476, turn right on the Chimo forestry road that starts at km 40. Stay on the main road. At km 55, at the intersection, keep right. At km 68-69, follow the signs to reach the outfitter. The distance is 33 km from Hwy. 17. Visit the outfitter website for additional details. Senneterre Non exclusive Seasonal Route 117 jusqu'au km 476, tournez à droite sur le chemin Chimo jusqu'au km 68, suivre les indications jusqu'à la pourvoirie. Black bear, Small game, Canada goose, Woodcock, Duck, Lake trout, Northern pike, Walleye Boat rental, Guide service, Launching 2
Taggart Bay Lodge 4 Témiscamingue There are two different sites at Taggart Bay Lodge: 13 cottages accessible by car and, for your privacy, an outpost cabin that can be reached only by boat. All our cabins are just a few steps away from the water, and are fully equipped with kitchenware, complete bedding, refrigerator, electricity, running water, indoor toilet, and shower. For your safety and comfort, 16-foot fiberglass boats powered by 15-HP Yamaha motors come with cushions, paddles and anchor. Taggart Bay Lodge is located on beautiful Kipawa Lake. Because of the area's ideal reproduction conditions, fish are plentiful. Hundreds of streams, rivers and natural springs feed the lake year round. More than 1,600 km (1,000 mi.) of shoreline, hundreds of islands and bays, and holes over 60 m (200 ft.) deep provide each fish species with the perfect spawning bed. While Kipawa Lake is best known for walleye and lake trout, large northern pike are also caught in great numbers every year. Via Laniel / Kipawa Lake Duhamel-Ouest Non exclusive Seasonal Lac Kipawa, route 101 (Laniel) Moose, Black bear, Small game, Walleye, Northern pike, Lake trout Boat rental, Launching 15
Auberge Dorval Lodge 5 Vallée-de-l'Or / Senneterre Situated right off highway 117, at Km 402, the Dorval Lodge borders the Dozois reservoir, where fishing walleye and Northern pike is highly popular. With 28 cabins, 15 motorboats, 1 pontoon and several professional guides, the Dorval Lodge is the perfect place for dream fishing vacations. Hwy. 117 of the réserve faunique La Vérendrye, kilometre 402 Egan Non exclusive Seasonal Réservoir Dozois, km 402 sur la route 117 (Réserve faunique la Vérendrye) Walleye, Northern pike Boat rental, Guide service, Launching, Convenience store 14
Cabines Dulong 4 Témiscamingue - Rémigny Non exclusive All year - Northern pike, Walleye Boat rental, Guide service, Launching, Convenience store 15
Camp La Lucarne 4 Témiscamingue Camp La Lucarne is located on an exceptional site bordering Kipawa Lake, a body of water worth discovering. It is a dream place for your next vacation and a veritable paradise for hunting and fishing buffs. With five two-bedroom cottages, a sauna, hot tub facilities, a beach, a restaurant and bar, moorage facilities, private docks, boat rentals and direct access to Trans-Québec snowmobile trail #63, you'll surely find something to please everyone in the family! From Témiscaming, take road 101 north to Laniel. The site is to the right of the road. Laniel Non exclusive Seasonal Lac Kipawa Moose, Small game, Walleye, Northern pike, Lake trout Boat rental, Launching, Snowmobiling, Dining room, Sauna 17
Camps Ronoda 4 Témiscamingue Rémigny Non exclusive All year Black bear, Moose, Small game, Walleye, Smallmouth bass Boat rental, Launching, Snowmobiling, Dining room, Sauna 15
Deer Horn Lodge 5 Vallée-de-l'Or / Senneterre Information to come Hwy 117, kilometre 378 in the réserve faunique La Vérendrye and forest road N-29 to the outfitter (29 km) Maniwaki Non exclusive Seasonal Route 117, km 378 dans la réserve faunique La Vérendrye, route forestière 29 (29km) Sturgeon, Smallmouth bass Boat rental 5
Fern Outfitter 2 La Sarre and Abitibi-Ouest The pourvoirie Fern is the choice place for vacations in nature. With an easy access, the outfitter property extends along Duparquet Lake, one of the finest lakes in North America with its 135 islands. What makes us first: personalized service you can't match! Hwy. 117 up to Rouyn-Noranda. Take road 101 toward La Sarre then road 393 up to Duparquet. Follow the road signs up to the outfitter Duparquet Non exclusive All year Lac Duparquet, route 388 Black bear, Moose, Woodcock, Duck, Small game, Walleye, Northern pike Snowmobiling, Boat rental, Sauna 2
Gîte Dumoine Nature 4 Témiscamingue Information to come Via Kipawa, bush road 819 or via Deux-Rivières (ON), or via Rapide-des-Joachims (ON), road 17 / Zec Dumoine Rapides des Joachims Non exclusive Seasonal Via Kipawa, route forestière 819, Zec Dumoine ou route 17 Ontario jusqu'à Rapides-des-Joachims (route 635) et continuer sur le chemin Dumoine. Moose, Black bear, Splake, Brook trout, Walleye, Northern pike, Lake trout Boat rental, Launching 15
Lake Guéguen Lodge 5 Vallée-de-l'Or / Senneterre No information Highway 117 to kilometer 476 and follow indications to our instalations (about 19 km) Val d'Or Non exclusive Seasonal Bornes nord de la Réserve faunique La Vérendrye. 45 min. de Val d'Or Moose, Black bear, Smallmouth bass Boat rental, Snowmobiling 15
Les Fournisseurs du Nord 5 Vallée-de-l'Or / Senneterre Val d'Or Non exclusive All year Black bear, Moose, Northern pike, Walleye Boat rental, Convenience store, Launching 2
Mike's Outfitter 3 Rouyn-Noranda Situated in a remarkable site that offers an exceptional view on pristine nature, the Pourvoirie Mike's Outfitter is totally removed from the hustle and bustle of the city and can only be accessed via waterway in summer and snowmobile in winter. Whether with friends or family, summer or winter, your peacefulness is guaranteed. Enjoy a fishing stay or ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or snowmobile with us. From Rouyn-Noranda, take Hwy. 117 north. At 2 km after Artnfield, turn right at the intersection. Follow the road for 5 km then turn right on the Kanasuta Lake secondary road toward the Darby Marina. Rouyn-Noranda Non exclusive Seasonal Lac Dasserat, route 117 Nord Moose, Black bear, Duck, Small game, Northern pike, Walleye Boat rental, Sauna 15
Pavillon du lac Berthelot 5 Vallée-de-l'Or / Senneterre Located in the picturesque Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, about 560 km (350 mi.) north of Montréal and 110 km (68 mi.) east of Senneterre, Berthelot Lake Lodge can be reached by car or floatplane. Come discover 322 km (200 mi.) of rivers and lakes where you can fish, hunt and explore. At the main camp (Lac Berthelot), 12 cottages each accommodate 2 to 6 persons. Each cottage is equipped with all the comforts of home: electricity, propane gas stove, refrigerator, oil heating, running water and indoor toilet. A central shower building services all cottages. The outfitter can fly you to outpost cabins with propane gas lighting, burners, refrigerator, and wood-burning stove. Berthelot's territory is ideal for walleye, northern pike, trout and sturgeon fishing, and is also very good for moose, black bear and small game hunting. Highway 117 to 113 to Senneterre then logging road to outfitter's camp (110 km/68 miles). Senneterre Non exclusive Seasonal Chemin forestier, 105 km à l'est de Senneterre Black bear, Small game, Hare, Canada goose, Moose, Duck, Ptarmigan, Walleye, Brook trout, Northern pike, Lake trout, Sturgeon Boat rental, Convenience store, Dining room 2
Pourvoirie 3b 5 Vallée-de-l'Or / Senneterre The pourvoirie 3b is a family enterprise that rests upon the quality of its service and the cleanliness of the premises. The satisfaction of our customers is first and foremost for us. Ask those who have been our guests since the beginning of the outfitter. Situated on the shores of Maude Lake, a splendid body of water that is 16 kilometres long and about a half a kilometre wide, the site offers six cottages. The pourvoirie 3b is situated 100 kilometres east of Senneterre. Road 113, up to Senneterre; and then a forestry road takes you up to the lodge. Maniwaki Non exclusive Seasonal Lac Maude, Route 113 jusqu'à Senneterre et route secondaire jusqu'à la pourvoirie (85 km) Moose, Black bear, Small game, Walleye, Northern pike Boat rental, Launching 15
Pourvoirie B. Doré 5 Vallée-de-l'Or / Senneterre Senneterre Non exclusive Seasonal Black bear, Small game, Moose, Walleye, Northern pike Boat rental, Convenience store, Launching 2
Pourvoirie Camachigama 5 Vallée-de-l'Or / Senneterre Pourvoirie Camachigama, located on an island, is a wildlife paradise where animals, birds and fish abound—a paradise that can be reached by car, pickup truck or privately owned or chartered seaplane. Good food and wine combine with culinary expertise to make your stay a delight. This outfitter offers quality, selection and cleanliness. For hunting moose, bear or small game, and for fishing at its best, you can trust the outfitters on Lac Camachigama. And you can hike, go paddle-boating, windsurf and canoe. Special family packages are also available. Protecting the environment is a major concern, one we hope all our guests will share. Réserve La Vérendrye, forestry road 29 or by Val d'Or, Hwy 117, Chimo mine road (8 km).Outfitter on a island. Sherbrooke Exclusive All year Route117 Sud, chemin mine Chimo (8km) Moose, Black bear, Canada goose, Woodcock, Duck, Walleye, Northern pike Dining room, Convenience store 15
Pourvoirie des îles du lac Duparquet 2 La Sarre and Abitibi-Ouest This outfitter is situated on the edges of the majestic Lake Duparquet and its 135 islands yours to explore. It provides several lodging facilities: a warm country-style 10-unit motel and 4 luxury cottages. In the wintertime, come enjoy a full gamut of activities such as snowshoeing, ice-skating, snowmobiling, quad and ice fishing. In the summertime, rent a cottage or book a room and relax on our white sand beach. You can also rent a dock space for your boat and go to the pursuit of walleye, perch, whitefish or Northern pike. Duparquet Non exclusive All year Route 101 Nord, puis tourner à gauche sur la 393 Nord, ensuite à gauche sur le chemin Dumoulin qui devient le chemin du Camping jusqu'au chemin des Pourvoirie. Walleye, Northern pike Boat rental, Guide service, Launching, Snowmobiling, Dining room 17
Pourvoirie du lac Faillon 5 Vallée-de-l'Or / Senneterre The pourvoirie du lac Faillon is a true haven of peace and quiet. Its 18 fully appointed cottages that include running water, sanitation installations, electric heating, stove, refrigerator, beds and bedding and full basic crockery can accommodate from 2 to 8 people. The lodge offers 8 modern rooms equipped with full bathrooms, balcony with patio door and 2 double beds. Off-trail snowmobiling expeditions, ATV and snowshoeing excursions. Packages available on request. The outfitter is situated at 45 km east of Senneterre and is accessible via a secondary road. Senneterre Non exclusive Seasonal Route secondaire 806, 51 km à l'Est de Senneterre Black bear, Smallmouth bass, Brook trout Snowmobiling 5
Pourvoirie du Portage 2 La Sarre and Abitibi-Ouest The pourvoirie du Portage is really one-of-a-kind. You can relax on an outdoor covered terrace or in a sauna. You may also take advantage of a canoe, boat or kayak excursion. Your choice of accommodations includes 7 rustic, fully-appointed cottages that include stove, refrigerator, electric heating, sanitation installations, bedding, towels and crockery, to accommodate 5 to 10 people. Two cottages are equipped with showers and 5 share a common shower. If you're looking for peacefulness, you will also have the chance to stay in a cottage located on an island at 200 metres from the site. Laundry facilities are available at the outfitter. From Duparquet, take road 393 toward La Sarre. Turn on road 388 toward Matheson (Ontario). Follow the road and turn right toward Rapide-Danseur. At 2 km on the village road. Rapide-Danseur Non exclusive Seasonal Rivière Duparquet, 2 km de Rapide-Danseur Moose, Black bear, Small game, Canada goose, Duck, Walleye, Northern pike Boat rental, Guide service, Launching, Dining room, Sauna 17
Pourvoirie du Rapide-Sept 3 Rouyn-Noranda Pourvoirie du Rapide-Sept is ideally situated on the wild banks of lac Décelles. The operation provides quality individual chalets, including three log lodges. Our rental chalets are rated 4 and 5 stars by the Fédération des pourvoiries du Québec. Other services available include: rental of motorboats and kayaks, guides, excursions, bar and restaurant. Lac Décelles abounds in walleye and pike. It is the ideal destination for fishing and outdoors enthusiasts and for lovers of pure relaxation. Val-d'Or Non exclusive Seasonal 60 km au sud de Val d'Or, réservoir Décelles Small game, Black bear, Moose, Walleye, Northern pike Launching, Guide service, Boat rental 2
Pourvoirie le Balbuzard Sauvage 5 Vallée-de-l'Or / Senneterre Based at 125 Km from Senneterre, the nearest town, the Outfitting Lodge enjoys an exclusive right for hunting, fishing and collecting small game. With more than 200 lakes, the principal lodge nestles on the shores of Trévet Lac in a jewelbox of hills covered with dark spruce and white birches. Senneterre Exclusive All year Suivre Senneterre, prendre la route des Pourvoiries R806 , suivre jusqu'au km 72 et tourner à droite, suivre les panneaux Balbuzard sur 30 km. Black bear, Moose, Duck, Walleye, Northern pike Dining room, Snowmobiling 15
Pourvoirie Le Vacancier 4 Témiscamingue Le Vacancier is an outfitting operation providing a wide variety of fishing, hunting and outdoors activities. Easy access via provincial highway 382 and our four-season chalets make it possible to offer these activities both in summer and winter. Road 382 to Belleterre, chemin Lac-aux-Sables after the village Belleterre Non exclusive All year Jusqu'à Belleterre par la route 382, chemin Lac aux Sables (1 km). Moose, Duck, Small game, Northern pike, Walleye Boat rental, Launching 15
Pourvoirie St-Cyr Royal 5 Vallée-de-l'Or / Senneterre Information to come By plane only from Obaska. Hwy 113 North or from Lake Berthelot forestry road 105 km from Senneterre. Senneterre Exclusive Seasonal Par hydravion, 117 km à l'est de Lebel-sur-Quévillon Moose, Black bear, Small game, Walleye, Northern pike Boat rental, Dining room 15
Pourvoirie Wetetnagami 5 Vallée-de-l'Or / Senneterre Outfitter is located in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, on the shore of Wetetnagami Lake . Each of our outpost cabins is situated on its own private bay, on a nice sandy beach to provide you with the privacy you desire. Our comfortable cabins (four stars) are fully equipped with propane refrigerator and cooking stove, wood burning stove, all kitchen accessoiries, shower and solar electricity. Fishing: Immense and beautiful, Wetetnagami Lake is famous for its incomparable fishing. From mid-May till fall, find your favorite fishing spot somewhere around the islands, in the bays or on the open lake where walleye and northern pike abound. Bear hunting: We have a big bear population and our success rate exceeds 95%, with mostly trophy specimens because we operate in a territory that has never been hunted before. Each hunting site is baited every day and is well equipped with a nice tree stand. We can also provide you with the services of a professionnal guide. Moose hunting: Our vast territory, with its river, bays and countless small lakes is the ideal site for a successful moose hunting experience. We are famous among serious moose hunters for the quality and quantity of moose roaming the region and for our excellent success rate. Paved road, via Senneterre, Lebel-sur-Quévillon, secondary roads 1000, 5000 and 602/ Wetet Nagami Lake. Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs Non exclusive Seasonal Lac Wetetnagami, 65 km à l'est de Lebel-sur-Quévillon Duck, Moose, Black bear, Canada goose, Woodcock, Brook trout, Walleye, Northern pike Boat rental, Launching 15

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