Hotel, motel, campground and bed and breakfast are all types of accommodation that abound in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Our hotel establishments have invested in important renovations making them the newest in Quebec.

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MembersID SecteurSecteurID SectionSectionID CatégorieCatégorieID Sous-catégorieSous-catégoriePrésentationVille
Gîte L'antre de la Barbotte1Amos Région|5|Lodging|26|Bed and BreakfastAmos
Club de golf L'Oiselet d'Amos1Amos Région|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|68|GolfAmos
Club de golf Duparquet2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|68|GolfDuparquet
Club de golf Beattie La Sarre2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|68|GolfLa Sarre
Club de golf Noranda3Rouyn-Noranda|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|68|GolfRouyn-Noranda
Golf municipal Dallaire3Rouyn-Noranda|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|68|GolfRouyn-Noranda
Club Sports Belvédère5Vallée-de-l'Or|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|68|GolfClub Sports Belvédère, inaugurated in 1992, is in a beautiful scenic location offering a panoramic view over the area at walking distance from downtown Val-d’Or. Its 18-hole, 72-par course with distances ranging from 5,465 yards (red flagpoles) to 6,797 yards (golden yellow flagpoles), offers a challenge to golfers of all experience level. The course includes 58 sand traps, 3 artificial lakes and greens with an average surface area of 7,040 square feet. Services offered: resto-bar, dining room, driving range, and hotel & golf package. Other activity: curling.Val-d'Or
Club de golf Siscoe5Vallée-de-l'Or|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|68|GolfVal-d'Or (Sullivan)
Club de golf Ville-Marie4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|68|GolfDuhamel-Ouest
Club de golf Témiscaming4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|68|GolfTémiscaming
Maison Tardif2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|5|Lodging|26|Bed and BreakfastMacamic
Mont-Vidéo1Amos-Harricana|5|7|3|Lodging,Hunting and fishing,Outdoor activities|24|32|37|17|18|Campgrounds,Ice Fishing,Parks, Reserves and Zecs,On ground,On snow|70|72|73|74|Hiking Trails,Snowshoeing,Downhill skiing,Cross-country skiingBarraute
La Cité de l'Or5Vallée-de-l'Or|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|13|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage,Industrial tours|42|62|Historic Sites,MineHow about becoming miner for a day and experience an amazing underground 300-ft descent (91 m) into the drifts of the former
 Lamaque Mine? Find out about 
methods of extracting gold ore, watch the video entitled
 "The Miner’s Symphony" in our underground auditorium, see ore in solid state turn liquid before becoming gold bars, discover the sensations felt during drilling operations, and enjoy the exhibition "Gold in our veins" evoking the history of mine workers from the 1920s to nowadays. Also, learn how to use a geo-positioning receiver during a GeoRally that focuses on two core themes: gold and mining exploration.Val-d'Or
Centre d'exposition de Val-d'Or5Vallée-de-l'Or|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|85|9|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Exhibition Centres, Contemporary Art Venues,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesCentre d'exposition de Val-d’Or presents the work of artists from the region and elsewhere as well as theme exhibitions. Visitors can learn about various mediums, including painting, sculpting, photography and videography, and enjoy a true artistic experience through various activities, workshops, conferences and talks. Val-d'Or
Héritage Val-d'Or - Circuit historique5Vallée-de-l'Or|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|84|9|Historic Tours,Culture and Heritage|42|46|Historic Sites,Religious BuildingsThis tour puts spotlight on buildings and sites that have marked the history of the city through a series of interpretation signs and maps. The amply illustrated signs provide facts and anecdotes on a modern time city that was born through the courage of inventive pioneers who helped each other to build and shape a community in just a few years. The map also indicates the location of works of art that embellish public areas. Val-d'Or
Val-d'Or5Vallée-de-l'Or|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityEstablished in 1934, Val-d’Or is part of the towns and villages of Abitibi-Témiscamingue that owe their birth to the gold rush. Here, the visitors will have the opportunity to start their visit of Abitibi from the Cité de l’Or.Moreover, carré Lapointe, located on the 3e Avenue in the heart of downtown, is the site of a monument that represents a miner. It stands witness to the considerable input of these workers, who succeeded in transforming this rocky region into an unequalled land. Nearby, on boulevard Dennison, you will find the parc des Marais, which combines culture and the outdoors thanks to a path that leads to sculptures. Finally, a slight detour to the Vassan quarter will allow visitors to appreciate a cultural heritage bridge: the Champagne covered bridge. Ville de Val-d’Or provides free Internet connection to its citizens and visitors in many neighborhoods of the city. Val-d'Or
Les Jardins à fleur de peau5Vallée-de-l'Or|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|10|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Nature|52|Landscape Gardens and ParksLocated on the edge of lac Blouin and blooming under the watchful eyes of dragons, these singular gardens were designed by sculpting artists deeply fond of gardening, bonsai and poetry. As an invitation to relaxation and meditation, the oriental style landscaping unfolds through various themes along a path featuring poems, a cascade, streams and stone bridges. An art boutique proposes unique works of art by Jacques Pelletier and Francyne Plante. Val-d'Or
Val-d'Or (Dubuisson)5Vallée-de-l'Or|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityDubuisson has developed the sentier d’interprétation de la nature de l’École buissonnière (nature interpretation path). It offers 3 kilometres of trails for hiking enthusiasts, in the enchanting setting of the Piché-Lemoyne forest. Nearby, the parc forestier des Explorateurs is your chance for a picnic stop and also to enjoy the panorama of the Piché River.Val-d'Or (Dubuisson)
Malartic5Vallée-de-l'Or|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityGold under the houses! One of Canada’s largest gold reserves is sitting beneath the town of Malartic. Osisko Exploration Ltd has recently initiated development operations for Canada’s largest open pit mine, including the relocation of 200 homes and five institutional buildings. Back in 1940, the town of Malartic boasted seven gold mines. Certain buildings on Avenue Royale have preserved a false western-like façade as reminiscences of a gold rush period. When you pass through Malartic, don’t forget to look for the new gold mine and its boomtown architecture, to learn about its impressive history, and to make a short detour to the new neighborhood. Come admire the works of regional sculptors on rue de la Paix, or make a halt at the beautiful Belvédère Park where the water play area and play structures bring joy to children. Malartic
Musée minéralogique de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue5Vallée-de-l'Or|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|45|MuseumsMalartic Mineralogical Museum presents exhibitions on geology, mine projects in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, and minerals from all over the world. Interactive games, earthquake simulator, fairy stones as well as lunar rock and gold samples. Learn about rare earth and fluorescent minerals. Visit our temporary exhibition (Fleurs et cailloux) presented in collaboration with Thetford Mines Museum.Malartic
Puits municipal d'Amos1Amos Région|1|Activities and attractions|13|Industrial tours|60|HydroelectricityThe water in Amos is definitely among the highest quality untreated water in the world. This outstanding condition is due to the very nature of the soil and the physical processes by which the groundwater is renewed naturally in the esker. When you visit the Amos municipal supply well, you will discover the secrets of our esker and appreciate our exhibition "De l'Harricana à l'esker" on the development of Amos water services. Amos
Cathédrale d'Amos1Amos Région|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|88|9|Religious Heritage,Culture and Heritage|46|Religious BuildingsIn 1922, Monsignor Dudemaine, priest to the the first parish of Abitibi, and the architect Beaugrand-Champagne, of Montreal, got together to build the Sainte-Thérèse-d’Avila Church. Later, in 1939, this church became a cathedral. Monsignor Desmarais became the first bishop of the young Amos diocese. This Roman-Byzantyne style structure is unique in North America. It is a veritable work of art, where mosaics, Italian marble and French stained windows may be seen.Amos
Centre d'exposition d'Amos1Amos-Harricana|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|85|9|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Exhibition Centres, Contemporary Art Venues,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesThis exhibition center is dedicated chiefly to the presentation of visual arts, but more particularly to contemporary art. The center divides into three halls where some fifteen temporary exhibitions are displayed per year in addition to occasional exhibitions of scientific and historical nature. The center has a boutique that abounds in original artworks and items handmade by local artists and artisans. Amos
Gîte Le Passant B&B3Rouyn-Noranda|5|Lodging|26|28|Bed and Breakfast,Tourist ResidencesRouyn-Noranda
Vieux-Palais1AmosHarricana|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|87|9|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesWelcome to this historic building, dated 1922, and the region’s first courthouse. At the time, the building included a courtroom, cells and a registration office. Today, Vieux-Palais shelters Palais des arts Harricana and Historium. Come admire the talent of local artists and a fine selection of artworks by world-renowned Jean-Paul Riopelle. Visit our theme exhibitions on the history of Abitibi, including a collection of surgical instruments used by the personnel of Amos’ first hospital. Amos
Municipalité régionale de comté d'Abitibi1Amos Région|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesThe works of the members of the Société des Arts Harricana are exhibited in the offices of the MRC of Abitibi.Amos
Refuge Pageau1Amos-Harricana|1|2|Activities and attractions,Festivals and Events|10|94|Nature,Wild life observation|49|Animal Rescue CenterIt is on a boardwalk that you will hear the amazing story of the Pageau family, a story that began more than 25 years ago, a story about an incredible relationship with animals. Refuge Pageau takes in abandoned, lost or wounded wildlife. The animals are returned to the wild as soon as possible or provided long-term shelter. You will have the opportunity to watch moose, bears, wolves, lynx, whitetail deer, raccoons, prey birds and many orphaned animals left on their own. Amos
Taschereau2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalitySituated on the water divide line, Taschereau once was an important railroad and lumbering center. The town now thrives to the beat of the forest industry, and sawmills have strongly influenced its development and continue to do so. Taschereau is also one point of entrance to parc national d’Aiguebelle. Cyclists appreciate the Cyclo-voie du partage des eaux for its 56 km off-road bicycle path between Taschereau and Rouyn-Noranda. A 1.5 km hiking trail surrounds the hill of Mount Panoramique where a lookout provides a magnificent panorama of the area. At the municipal quay, a road rest stop provides picnic tables and playground areas, panels that tell the story of the municipality and an information point of the various attractions in the region. The old church converted into a historical museum will take you back to the years of colonization. Consult the website to check the dates of the festivities. Taschereau
École du Rang II2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|90|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Theatres,Culture and Heritage|42|47|Historic Sites,Summer TheatresThis school welcomed children from 1937 to 1958. It is very representative of one-room schoolhouses in Quebec both in terms of physical environment and educational material. This live theatre presentation will allow you to experience a typical class day of the 1940s. Also, don’t miss the summer theatre presentation "La vie dans nos cantons" (Everyday life in our townships), in the barn opposite the school.Authier
Macamic2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityMacamic, which was officially founded in 1917, is the choice destination for those who enjoy nautical activities. The town and parish were established on the shores of Macamic Lake, meaning “lake of marvels” in Cree and “limping beaver” in Algonquin. Fishing here is a success, whether in summer or winter. Among other things, you may find a boatslip, a rest area, a belvedere and a marina. Finally, a side trip via the 2e rang Est will reveal one of the last covered bridges in the region; the Molesworth bridge, which construction dates back to 1917.Macamic
Au Soleil Couchant5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|26|Bed and BreakfastVal d'Or
Auberge de l'Orpailleur5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|26|28|Bed and Breakfast,Tourist ResidencesVal-d'Or
Resto-Gîte Paquin4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|26|Bed and BreakfastBelleterre
Au Repos du Bouleau4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|26|Bed and BreakfastNotre-Dame-du-Nord
Amosphère complexe hôtelier1Amos-Harricana|6|5|Dining,Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsAmos
Chez Gador2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|5|Lodging|28|Tourist ResidencesLa Sarre
Chez Gustave2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|5|Lodging|28|Tourist ResidencesLa Sarre
Hôtel Nouvelle Frontière1Amos-Harricana|6|5|Dining,Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsAmos
Le Relais du Lac-à-la-Truite2Abitibi-Ouest|5|Lodging|28|Tourist ResidencesSaint-Vital-de-Clermont
Hôtel des Eskers1Amos-Harricana|6|5|Dining,Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsAmos
Réserve faunique La Vérendrye (Sépaq)5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|3|Lodging,Outdoor activities|28|37|16|Tourist Residences,Parks, Reserves and Zecs,On water|63|64|Canoe,KayakWith its immense territory (12,589 km2) – half of which is part of Abitibi-Témiscamingue – and its wealth of water resources (more than 4,000 lakes), Réserve faunique La Vérendrye is a dream destination for fishing enthusiasts, canoe-camping fans and outdoor lovers. It is accessible via four tourist reception points. The north entrance is located in our region, 57 km south of Val-d’Or. Other services available include camping, cottage rental and fishing.Val-d'Or
Hôtel Econo-One1Amos-Harricana|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsAmos
Motel Le Bivouac2Abitibi-Ouest|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsLa Sarre
Motel Le Rêve d'Or1Amos Région|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsMotel Le Rêve d'Or provides comfort in recently renovated rooms, near the city center, the cycling path and snowmobile trails. A full gamut of services are available: convenience store (beer, wine, newspapers, etc.), laundry, continental breakfast and much more.Amos
Camping municipal du lac Beauchamp1Amos-Harricana|5|Lodging|24|CampgroundsAmos
Motel Villa Mon Repos2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|6|5|Dining,Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsSituated in La Sarre, at the heart of Abitibi-Ouest, Motel Villa Mon Repos offers spacious, well-decorated rooms equipped with many commodities, a restaurant, a bar and meeting rooms.La Sarre
Comfort Inn Rouyn-Noranda3Rouyn-Noranda|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsRouyn-Noranda
Best Western Plus Hôtel Albert3Rouyn-Noranda|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsRouyn-Noranda
Hôtel Gouverneur Le Noranda3Rouyn-Noranda|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsRouyn-Noranda
Quality Inn Rouyn-Noranda3Rouyn-Noranda|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsHotel offering a warm, welcoming atmosphere and access to a wide range of services. Accessible by snowmobile. Adjacent to Restaurant Pub O’Toole.Rouyn-Noranda
Deville Centre Hôtelier3Rouyn-Noranda|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsRouyn-Noranda
Motel Mistral3Rouyn-Noranda|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsIn addition to a comfortable stay and a warm welcome, Motel Mistral offers a wide range of services: wakeup call, dry cleaning, self service laundry, soft drink and ice machines, wireless Internet, fax, photocopier, protected parking spaces, bar, restaurant, etc. Rouyn-Noranda
Motel la Bell'Villa5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsSenneterre
Motel Senabi5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsSituated in the eastern part of Abitibi, Motel Senabi provides a warm atmosphere and a relaxing stay in rooms adapted to your every need. Senneterre
La Sarre2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityThe quirks of an ever-shifting economy do not alter the vitality and prosperity of our city. The people of La Sarre – a member of the Village-relais network – demonstrate the full extent of their audacity and originality through the major events held here: La Sarre en neige, La Sarre en fête and Festival équestre, not to mention many agricultural, industrial and commercial activities. Attaching great importance to family and culture, La Sarre distinguishes itself with unique projects such as La S’Art, a large outdoor exhibition featuring the finest works of local artists, and Sentier multifonctionnel, a stimulating family-oriented multipurpose trail. In the downtown area of this warm and friendly community, visit the Ernest-Lalonde Park and Saltinbanques site, or test your fishing skills at Lac-de-la-Ville, located less than 1 km from the urban area. In La Sarre, the nature is abundant and ever-present. La Sarre
Centre d'art Rotary2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|85|9|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Exhibition Centres, Contemporary Art Venues,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesCentre d’art Rotary presents several exhibitions by artists from here and elsewhere as well as scientific exhibitions. The temporary exhibitions and events showcase works across all the disciplines of visual art: present art, contemporary art, fine art and arts & crafts. In the lobby, an outstanding quilt illustrates 75 years of local history. The shop offers a wide selection of gift items made by artists and artisans of the region. La Sarre
Société d'histoire et du patrimoine de la région de La Sarre2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|42|Historic SitesIn 2001, La Sarre founded a history society that established its headquarters in one of the oldest homes of the town, the Lavigne House. Get the feel of life in yesteryears and visit the various thematic exhibitions, the collection of old photos and the scale models representing the covered bridges of Abitibi-West.La Sarre
Industries Norbord, La Sarre2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|13|Industrial tours|61|ForestThe first waferboard plant in Québec, it was completely renovated in 1995.La Sarre
Palmarolle2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityLet yourself fall under the spell of young and dynamic Palmarolle, a village abounding in landscapes, parks, green open spaces and outdoor activities. At the municipal beach, you can choose to relax or enjoy a wide range of aquatic activities. The municipality is equipped with landing facilities in the village and on Abitibi Lake. A versatile playing field is open to tennis and basketball fans. At Aréna Rogatien-Vachon, where many activities take place, a permanent exhibition highlights the achievements of famous hockey player Rogatien Vachon. In the wintertime, Palmarolle offers a wide array of activities and facilities, including a 7 km crosscountry skiing trail.Palmarolle
Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-la-Confiance2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|88|9|Religious Heritage,Culture and Heritage|46|Religious BuildingsThe number of visitors to this sanctuary increases year after year. The site comprises three chapels of different sizes. The charming character of the medium-size chapel and the peace emanating from it explain why, of all three, it is the one attracting the most people. We owe the foundation of the smallest chapel, in 1957, to Mrs. Flora Bégin Lapointe. This summer, join us for the outdoor mass, which is followed by a community dinner. Palmarolle
Duparquet2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityOnce a mining town, Duparquet now banks on its environment. The lake, which bears the same name, numbers one hundred and thirty-five islands. Several activities are practiced here during winter as well as during summer. A 20 km trail lets you take full advantage of each ATV or cross-country skiing season. A few outfitters and private tourist home owners have established on its shores and on one of its islands you may find the oldest white cedars in America; a phenomenon of particular interest for researchers. A quay allows boating enthusiasts to have access to the site. An exhibition at the Town Hall traces back the history of the municipality. Duparquet
Rouyn-Noranda3Rouyn-Noranda|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityRN, Cultural Vibe: This is Rouyn-Noranda’s DNA! As Abitibi-Témiscamingue’s urban hub and regional capital, Rouyn-Noranda boasts an unrivaled cultural abundance. Through its diverse performing arts, music, theatre and visual arts scenes, Rouyn-Noranda embraces culture in its many forms. Just outside downtown, the area’s many landscapes and stunning vistas will awaken the senses. Topping the must-see list is Parc National d'Aiguebelle with its top-quality accommodation, unparalleled cuisine and amenities like the Jardin Spa health center encourage you to discover, savor and immerse yourself in our city’s contemporary charm. For your convenience, free parking permits are available to tourists at the tourist information office.Rouyn-Noranda
Circuit d'interprétation historique du Vieux-Rouyn et du Vieux-Noranda3Rouyn-Noranda|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|84|9|Historic Tours,Culture and Heritage|42|Historic SitesRouyn and Noranda are two cities that have grown side-by-side, and yet have developed very differently. Discover their history as you visit the stops of the Vieux-Noranda self-guided tour and the stops of the Vieux-Rouyn self-guided tour, which refer, among other places, to Hotel Noranda, Youville hospital, the post office, City Hall and several other themes, each one telling a story on their evolution over time. So embark on a voyage back in time and compare the urban environment of yesteryear with modern-day city landscapes. A tour map is available at the tourist information office.Rouyn-Noranda
Magasin général Dumulon3Rouyn-Noranda|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|87|9|58|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage,Regional Delights|42|Historic SitesThe Dumulon family founded this historical site, and formerly the very first general store in the Township of Rouyn, in 1924. This authentic business and post office proposes a guided tour of the premises to learn about the life of the pioneers of Rouyn-Noranda. In the summertime, comedians portray Jos and Agnes’ kids, and take you on a journey back in time.
 Souvenirs and regional products available on-site. It is located in the heart of downtown Rouyn-Noranda, by lac Osisko and near a bike path. Also available in the summertime, a free bike loan service to enjoy the region’s network of cycle routes.Rouyn-Noranda
Église orthodoxe russe St-Georges3Rouyn-Noranda|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|88|9|Religious Heritage,Culture and Heritage|42|46|Historic Sites,Religious BuildingsTake the time to take a guided tour of this historic commemorative site built in 1955. Its architecture stands apart from the rest of the urban landscape. Learn about the fabulous legacy of another era and the rites of the Russian Orthodox religion. The immigration interpretation center, located in the basement, explains how Rouyn-Noranda has grown richer through the contribution of immigrants, mostly from Europe.Rouyn-Noranda
Camping régional de Malartic5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|24|CampgroundsSituated at less than two kilometers from the city, Camping régional de Malartic offers a peaceful environment. In addition to a swimming pool and a paddle pool, both heated, children can enjoy a water play park and a vast playground. Also available: pétanque, beach volleyball, basketball, picnic area, etc. Chalets that can accommodate up to six persons are available for vacation rental. A one-day rate is available for visitors who wish to enjoy our facilities or spend some time with friends.Malartic
Camping municipal de Roquemaure2Abitibi-Ouest|5|Lodging|24|CampgroundsRoquemaure
Comfort Inn Val-d'Or5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsVal-d'Or
Camping Kino-Jévis3Rouyn-Noranda|5|Lodging|24|CampgroundsRouyn-Noranda (Bellecombe)
Hôtel Forestel5Vallée-de-l'Or|6|5|Dining,Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsAt the gateway to Abitibi, Forestel is the largest hotel complex in the region. Here you will find all the comfort of a first class hotel: 91 rooms, including 45 spacious loft rooms designed recently. To ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your stay, Forestel provides two dining rooms, a bar and a terrace. The hotel is close to key tourist attractions and quad/snowmobile trails. Val-d'Or
Hôtel Continental Centre-Ville5Vallée-de-l'Or|6|5|Dining,Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsSituated in the city center, Hotel Continental is the ideal place to experience Val-d’Or differently. The personnel will welcome you in a warm and cozy environment, designed to meet your expectations and needs. For your safety, the hotel is equipped with more than twenty cameras viewing and recording what goes on in parking spaces, public areas and corridors. Our motto is: "A tailor-made stay". If you need something to satisfy your needs fully, just call us, and together we will create a tailor-made stay. Val-d'Or
Camping Clin d'Oeil3Rouyn-Noranda|5|Lodging|24|CampgroundsSituated in the Montbeillard neighborhood of Rouyn-Noranda, and bordering Opasatica Lake (via highway 101), Camping Clin d’œil provides a wide range of activities, facilities and services: cabin rentals, guided recreational activities, playroom, fishing, restaurant, etc. Available nearby: convenience store, gas station, hardware store, children’s park, boat launching ramp and municipal pier. Admire the landscapes and impressive views as you hike our trails and stop at the many scenic points.Rouyn-Noranda (Montbeillard)
Camping Bel. Évasion2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|5|Lodging|24|CampgroundsTaschereau
Hôtel-Motel Prélude5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsVal-d'Or
Camping Sagittaire5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|24|CampgroundsCamping Sagittaire DESCRIPTIONVal d'Or
Hôtel-Motel Royal5Vallée-de-l'Or|6|5|Dining,Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsVal-d'Or (Louvicourt)
Motel Chez Vic5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsVal-d'Or
Camping le Ptit Paradis4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|24|CampgroundsSaint-Eugène-de-Guigues
L'Escale Hôtel Suites5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsVal-d'Or
Parc Belvédère5Vallée-de-l'Or|1|3|Activities and attractions,Outdoor activities|10|17|18|Nature,On ground,On snow|52|70|72|Landscape Gardens and Parks,Hiking Trails,SnowshoeingSituated at the intersection of the boulevards des Pins and Sabourin, the parc Belvédère includes the Tour Rotary. Atop its 18 m, the visitor gets an all-encompassing view of the vastness of our territory. In addition, you will notice ten pit head frames and certain bodies of water that empty into the Harricana River. Moreover, there is a 1 km marked trail for hiking. Visits are open.Val-d'Or
Motel Park5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsVal-d'Or
La Bannik4Témiscamingue|5|3|Lodging,Outdoor activities|24|27|18|Campgrounds,Hotels/Motels,On snow|72|74|Snowshoeing,Cross-country skiingDuhamel-Ouest
École buissonnière5Vallée-de-l'Or|3|Outdoor activities|17|18|On ground,On snow|70|72|Hiking Trails,SnowshoeingThe nature interpretation trail of École buissonnière, Dubuisson, provides 3 km of hiking paths stretching across the beautiful Piché-Lemoyne forest. The Explorateur forest park nearby is an excellent place to picnic and enjoy the panorama over Piché River. Val-d'Or
Chalets, Hôtel & Spa TémiKami4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|27|29|Hotels/Motels,Health spasNestled amidst a bountiful nature bordering the majestic Lake Témiscamingue, discover a haven of tranquility in the TémiKami Inn/Coucoushee restaurant. This mini convention center by excellence offers all-round scenery of exceptional beauty. At Chalets, Hôtel & Spa TémiKami, you will find luxurious, comfortable facilities, exterior terraces, spas, saunas, a gym and a health resort. Ville-Marie
Sentiers pédestres et poste d'observation du Grand Héron2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|3|Activities and attractions,Outdoor activities|10|17|Nature,On ground|51|69|Interpretation,Nature InterpretationVia Hwy. 111 West, La Sarre bound, take the Chazel road, then turn right into rural road 6-7 and follow the road signs. Marked trails and a 10 m high observation deck make it possible to see the island where these tall waders nest. Moreover, you will get a splendid view of lakes Macamic, Piton and Courval. Bird enthusiasts and bird watchers should not forget their binoculars. Hiking shoes are recommended.Macamic
Sentiers des Collines D'Alembert3Rouyn-Noranda|3|Outdoor activities|17|18|On ground,On snow|70|72|Hiking Trails,SnowshoeingRouyn-Noranda
Sentier de la Roche du millénaire1Amos Région|3|Outdoor activities|17|18|On ground,On snow|70|72|Hiking Trails,SnowshoeingThe Roche du millénaire trail proposes quite a variety of attractions. It winds through a boreal forest dotted with wild blueberry shrubs. Witness marks of geological phenomena, clearly explained on interpretation panels, and read about vegetal species existing in this environment on information boards. The trail then climbs up a hill offering a spectacular view over the surrounding lakes and forest. The highlight of this trekking experience is of course the Roche du millénaire, a 250-ton erratic block, once a segment of the mountain, torn away, carried and deposited there by a melting glacier. On the way there, build an inukshuk to accompany the several others. A bird-watching trail allows you to know more about the birds of the region such as the peregrine falcon and partridge. Another footpath will make you discover a water spring.Preissac
Récré-eau des Quinze4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|17|18|On ground,On snow|70|71|72|Hiking Trails,Bike Excursions,SnowshoeingThis 27-km asphalt bike path, running along a Hydro-Québec road linking three hydropower stations, takes you to beautiful forest landscapes, industrial installations and heritage facilities. The path overlaps six well-maintained hiking trails. Two access routes: chemin Hydro-Québec, 4 km from Notre-Dame-du-Nord (route 101 North), or chemin du Pouvoir, 4 km from Angliers (route 391 South).Notre-Dame-du-Nord
Auberge du lac4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsNotre-Dame-du-Nord
Au Bercail Motel4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsTémiscaming
Marais Laperrière4Témiscamingue|3|2|Outdoor activities,Festivals and Events|17|18|94|On ground,On snow,Wild life observation|70|72|69|Hiking Trails,Snowshoeing,Nature InterpretationDuhamel-Ouest
Sentier pédestre Grande Chute4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|70|69|Hiking Trails,Nature InterpretationLaniel
Auberge Canadienne4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsTémiscaming
Sentier d'interprétation du lac des Cinq Dams4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|70|69|Hiking Trails,Nature Interpretation
Eugène Auberge/Bistro4Témiscamingue|6|5|Dining,Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsVille-Marie
Circuit cyclable et piétonnier Roger Labrosse4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|70|Hiking TrailsNine kilometers in length, this looped, paved circuit can accommodate people on their bicycle, inline skates or on foot. The bike path gives access to a 1.4 km hiking trail climbing to a scenic point overlooking the downtown area. The view is particularly spectacular in the fall season.Témiscaming
Sentier pédestre de la rivière Dumoine4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|70|69|Hiking Trails,Nature InterpretationHiking and portage trail along Dumoine River used by canoeists. Hiking trail leading to the Gîte Dumoine Nature. Vehicular traffic and parking fees are applicable. Rapides des Joachims
Auberge Ville-Marie4Témiscamingue|6|5|Dining,Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsVille-Marie
Motel Louise4Témiscamingue|6|5|Dining,Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsVille-Marie
Brochetterie grecque resto-bar3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningThis restaurant offers a varied menu to please all tastes. Specialties: grilled meat, seafood and brochettes.Rouyn-Noranda
Le Cellier / Resto bar3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningRestaurant specializing in wood grills. Relaxed lounge atmosphere. A wine list that includes a fine selection of privately imported wines.Rouyn-Noranda
Pizzédélic3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningThis restaurant offers a selection of pizzas, baguettes, pastas and grilled meat in a modern and intimate setting. Rouyn-Noranda
Restaurant Pub O'Toole3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningVaried menu: chicken, pasta, steak and pizza. Vast selection of cocktails, spirits and beverages. Musical performances in a warm atmosphere.
Restaurant Coucoushee4Témiscamingue|6|DiningA Quebec cuisine using seasonal regionally grown ingredients. Food and wine pairing. Enjoy the view on Lake Témiscamingue from the terrace.Ville-Marie
Fonderie Horne3Rouyn-Noranda|1|Activities and attractions|13|Industrial tours|62|MineStarted up in 1927, this complex is still today one of the most important world producers of copper and precious metals. At first destined to the exclusive extraction and processing of its own ore, the company was, early on, poised to meet an international demand by offering ore and other metal material smelting-type services.Rouyn-Noranda
Centre d'exposition de Rouyn-Noranda3Rouyn-Noranda|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|85|9|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Exhibition Centres, Contemporary Art Venues,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesThis exhibition center is a space for performance, creation, entertaining, education and conservation. It welcomes original or travelling exhibitions by artists from Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Canada and overseas. From June to September 2015, the CERN presents Dialogue 2, a major exhibition dedicated to the art and culture of Abitibi-Témiscamingue’s Aboriginals. The event will include a get-together for artists in early June and a literary conference in September. Playing an active role in the community, the CERN is a must-visit place year-round. Rouyn-Noranda
La Fontaine des Arts3Rouyn-Noranda|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|9|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesThe largest private cultural complex in the region; La Fontaine des arts invites you to its art gallery, where the work of numerous regional artists is on show for art lovers.Rouyn-Noranda
Parc botanique À Fleur d'eau3Rouyn-Noranda|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|52|Landscape Gardens and ParksThis garden is a green jewel nestled at the heart of Rouyn-Noranda’s downtown. It is the garden of more than 25,000 plants, trees and shrubs adapted to our climate. The site includes wooden trails, suitable for wheelchairs, a boardwalk along lac Édouard and picnic areas. A geological garden is set in the center section of the park, with large rocks providing information on the geology and mining development of the region. This interpretation concept is truly unique.Rouyn-Noranda
L'Écart.. .lieu d'Art actuel3Rouyn-Noranda|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|85|9|Exhibition Centres, Contemporary Art Venues,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesFor over 15 years, this independently managed artists’ centre hosts visual arts events and shows. The exhibitions, representative of the various current trends, highlight the work of regional, Canadian and foreign artists from different artistic disciplines. Emphasis is on work that presents research, experimentation and innovation.Rouyn-Noranda
La Fraisonnée2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsFresh-fruit products available year-round: jams, cooking spreads, coulis, pie fillings... Visit our Web site to find our sales outlets.Clerval
Collection archéologique Joseph Bérubé2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesHoused in the former presbytery of Gallichan, Café des rumeurs presents items of Joseph Bérubé’s archeological collection. In the 1960s, Bérubé identified five sites providing evidence of earlier Aboriginal occupation and a fur trading post, near Lake Abitibi, operated by the French. The dining tables are used as displays for Bérubé’s findings, which include arrow tips, pipes, scrapers, necklaces and axes. Gallichan
Boutique de l'Atelier2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|9|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesA kilometer from the village of Gallichan, on the shore of the Duparquet River, artists Jacques Baril and Liliane Gagnon propose an incursion into their artistic universe during your visit of their studio and adjoining shop. A sculptor for the last thirty years, Jacques Baril has won several awards for original and monumental works of art. Many of his public works can be admired across the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, but also elsewhere in Quebec, Canada and Europe. As regards miniature sculptor and painter Liliane Gagnon, she has been practicing for just as many years as Baril. Most of the materials she uses are drawn from the environment surrounding majestic Lake Abitibi: bark, cedar nodes, bush roots, limestone concretions, etc. She assembles her raw materials to create miniature works of art.Gallichan
Centre plein air du lac Flavrian3Rouyn-Noranda|7|3|Hunting and fishing,Outdoor activities|32|20|16|18|Ice Fishing,Outdoor Recreation Centers,On water,On snow|63|72|74|Canoe,Snowshoeing,Cross-country skiingCentre plein air du lac Flavrian is first and foremost a holiday camp for the handicapped, offering stays tailored to the type of disability and needs of every individual. Its facilities and equipment are also made available to the general population: cabin, dormitory, reception room, beach, swimming pool, vast green area and kitchen service. The Fernand-Tremblay pavilion is one of our many buildings designed to fulfill corporate, family or group needs such as high-speed Internet, satellite, laundry room, living room, kitchen, etc.Rouyn-Noranda
Lieu historique national du Canada Le Dispensaire de la Garde de La Corne1Amos-Haricana|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|42|Historic SitesDesignated a national historic site of Canada, Dispensaire de la Garde de La Corne instantly whisks the visitors to the time of colony nurses. Learn about Gertrude Duchemin, who spent 40 years of her life being a nurse, midwife, administrator and sometimes veterinary. Find out more about the opening of yesteryear’s health clinics, the social role played by these nurses, their professional and personal life, and the evolution Québec’s health system. This unique exhibition is renewed for 2014. La Corne
Les Portes du bout du monde2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|52|Landscape Gardens and ParksErected in 1998, these 6-m doors stand at the end of 3e Avenue Ouest, near La Reine River. These huge structures generate curiosity year-round. Behind these doors unfolds a magnificent view of La Reine River and a pathway with interpretation signs that provide historical facts about this municipality. La Reine
Collection C. Morin2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|45|MuseumsThe collection C. Morin, which unveils the rural life of the pioneers of the Abitibi-West sector, represents a great cultural heritage. The variety and quality of the objects assembled here adds to the wealth of this history. You will see 30 horse carriages dating back to the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. There are also over three hundred artefacts linked to domestic life or the use of horses that add to the authenticity of the collection.Macamic (Colombourg)
Parc-Aventure Joannès3Rouyn-Noranda|3|1|Outdoor activities,Activities and attractions|37|20|10|17|18|21|Parks, Reserves and Zecs,Outdoor Recreation Centers,Nature,On ground,On snow,Multi-activities|54|70|71|72|78|Recreation-Tourism Sites,Hiking Trails,Bike Excursions,Snowshoeing,KartingJust picture yourself floating in the breeze at the top of tall trees, flying from one tree to another, walking on a high wire, or ziplining above breathtaking scenery of the magnificent Lake Joannès! Parc-Aventure Joannès suggests four d’Arbre en arbre routes to visitors 7 years of age and older. While your here, enjoy other attractions, such as our huge maze, our challenging course or our mountain bike trails. Rouyn-Noranda (McWatters)
Parc national d'Aiguebelle3Rouyn-Noranda|5|3|Lodging,Outdoor activities|24|37|92|16|17|18|Campgrounds,Parks, Reserves and Zecs,Alternative Accommodations,On water,On ground,On snow|63|64|70|71|72|74|Canoe,Kayak,Hiking Trails,Bike Excursions,Snowshoeing,Cross-country skiingWalk over 2.7 billion years, at the very place where the waters part. Parc national d’Aiguebelle is the loyal custodian of a rich natural and cultural heritage. Several hiking trails lead to a suspended bridge across a fault-lake, to a huge spiral staircase erected alongside an impressive escarpment, to the top of the Abijévis hills or to a fire watchtower. Here you can watch birds, go on canoe or sea kayak excursions, cast your fishing line in the water, or perform other activities. Equipment rental is available on-site. Several accommodation options: chalet, Huttopia tents, camping, rustic camp. In winter, marked and groomed trails look forward to welcoming cross-country skiers and snowshoeing enthusiasts. Rouyn-Noranda (Mont-Brun)
Preissac1Amos Région|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityIn Preissac, you must commune with nature. Reach the observation station of Preissac lake, where you will get an exceptional view of the surrounding landscape and the mine headframes in the vicinity. Come summer, a hike on the foot bridge of the parc des Rapides or on the De la Roche du millénaire pedestrian pathway will be a time for relaxation in a splendid decor. Picnic tables will be an invitation for lunch in the outdoors. Its network of navigable lakes and rivers also offers several boatslips. Try our primitive camping sites, near beautiful rapids.Preissac
Église de Rapide-Danseur2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|88|9|Religious Heritage,Culture and Heritage|46|Religious BuildingsThis baroque-style church was built in 1942 with fieldstones. Today, it has been designated a historic site. In the basement, you may see a summer exhibition of paintings by artists of the region, as well as the antique collection of Mr. Édouard Miljours, colonization inspector in the ‘30s. In the summertime, enjoy the Internet Café on the premises. Rapide-Danseur
Les parcs ruraux2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|3|Activities and attractions,Outdoor activities|10|17|Nature,On ground|52|70|69|Landscape Gardens and Parks,Hiking Trails,Nature InterpretationThe rural parks offer you the opportunity to discover Rapide-Danseur, a picturesque village of Abitibi-West. ach park, located in the country or in a natural setting, conveys the visitor to explore a particular theme such as history, geology, landscapes or natural phenomena. A total of ten parks are set up along two different trails: La Promenade (1,3 km) and the La Lune (3,6 km).Rapide-Danseur
Mont Kanasuta3Rouyn-Noranda|3|Outdoor activities|18|On snow|73|Downhill skiingCentre plein air Mont Kanasuta is ideal for snow sports lovers. It includes 12 trails and 6 glades intended for beginners and experts. The snow school offers lessons to meet your expectations. The shop rents downhill skiing, snow surfing and telemark equipment. The station also offers night skiing. For more information, consult our website Rouyn-Noranda
Marais Antoine2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|2|3|Activities and attractions,Festivals and Events,Outdoor activities|10|94|17|Nature,Wild life observation,On ground|51|69|Interpretation,Nature InterpretationMarais Antoine is a huge 284-ha marsh stretching along Lake Abitibi. The site is home to an exceptionally large variety of plant and animal species. Two 1.5 km interpretation trails lead to a belvedere, a walking bridge and an observation tower; the first trail follows the southern edge of the marsh, while the second trail runs along the northern side of the marsh. Don’t forget your binoculars to observe ducks and birds during their breeding and migration period. Guided tours available. Roquemaure
Saint-Dominique-du-Rosaire1Amos Région|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalitySaint-Dominique-du-Rosaire stands out for its covered bridge, which is named after the father of the first family to settle here in 1924, Alphonse Normandin. The municipality is equipped with boat ramps on rivière Harricana and lac Obalski, to the great pleasure of fishing, canoe and kayak enthusiasts. Also a rest stop with playground games is located at the entrance of the village. Take this opportunity to walk the 2,5 hiking trail to the observation site, in the Béarn hills (396 meters in altitude), and admire the picturesque landscape unfolding before you.Saint-Dominique-du-Rosaire
Sainte-Germaine-Boulé2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityFounded in 1933, Sainte-Germaine-Boulé is one of the nicest agricultural municipalities of Abitibi-Ouest to have obtained three florets from Fleurons du Québec in recognition for its horticultural beautification effort. The giant spinning wheel standing at the center of the village, close to a church dating from 1940, is in the Guinness Book of Records. It was installed during the parish’s 50th anniversary events in honor of the parish pioneers. In addition, the Club Skinoramik, situated 5 km from the village, invites cross-country skiers to an enchanting site, that comprises 40 km of trails. Come summer, hiking and mountain bike enthusiasts can enjoy these safe trails. Sainte-Germaine-Boulé
Sainte-Hélène-de-Mancebourg2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityEstablished in 1941, Sainte-Hélène, invites you to stop at the Notre-Dame-de-l’Espérance chapel, located at the intersection of rang 4 in Mancebourg. Blessed in July 1989, it greets worshipers year-round.Sainte-Hélène-de-Mancebourg
Club de ski de fond Évain inc.3Rouyn-Noranda|3|Outdoor activities|18|On snow|74|Cross-country skiingRouyn-Noranda
Musée de la poste et Boutique de forge / Parc Héritage1Amos Région|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|42|Historic SitesTravel back in time to the 1920s with a visit of Musée de la poste and Boutique de forge. Discover the important role played by the postmaster and the blacksmith in the development of the parish. Learn about traditional blacksmith techniques or have a close look at our collection of antique objects and tools. End your visit at parc Héritage and don’t miss the interpretation site of the Peter-Brown River to learn all about the first covered bridge in Abitibi.Saint-Marc-de-Figuery
Club de ski de fond Granada3Rouyn-Noranda|3|Outdoor activities|18|On snow|72|74|Snowshoeing,Cross-country skiingRouyn-Noranda
Club de ski de fond Skinoramik2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|3|Outdoor activities|18|On snow|72|74|Snowshoeing,Cross-country skiingSainte-Germaine-Boulé
Club de ski de fond et raquette de Val-d'Or5Vallée-de-l'Or|3|Outdoor activities|18|On snow|72|74|Snowshoeing,Cross-country skiingVal-d'Or
Club de ski de fond4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|18|On snow|74|Cross-country skiingTémiscaming
Zec Kipawa4Témiscamingue|3|2|Outdoor activities,Festivals and Events|37|94|Parks, Reserves and Zecs,Wild life observationBéarn
Zec Restigo4Témiscamingue|7|3|Hunting and fishing,Outdoor activities|33|37|17|Zecs,Parks, Reserves and Zecs,On ground|70|Hiking TrailsTémiscaming
Fromagerie La vache à Maillotte2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsFounded in 1996, Vache à Maillotte proposes to discover its history and facilities through a corporate video. Learn how cheese of various types is made. Take advantage of your visit to buy fresh cheese and bread made in our artisan bakery. La Sarre
Le St-Honoré3Rouyn-Noranda|6|1|Dining,Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsMenu that changes with the season. Products: bread, pastries, chocolate, jams, cakes, and much more. Rouyn-Noranda
Les jardins Saint-Maurice1Amos Région|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|52|Landscape Gardens and ParksLocated 15 km northeast of the city of Amos, this charming site invites you to discover and enjoy the pleasures of its beautiful gardens, see the wonderful colors and experience the exquisite perfume of flowers. You can feast your eyes on over 1,200 varieties of shrubs and perennials, scattered over fifteen gardens complete with original and natural arrangements. While your there, enjoy a visit to the beautiful barn filled with antiques and to the little shop of arts and crafts designed and made by Céline and Marc. Don’t miss the harp and herbal tea activity on August 11.Amos
Senneterre5Vallée-de-l'Or|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityBordering the magnificent Bell River, Senneterre is a true hunting and fishing paradise. A choice nature destination, Senneterre is also an important crossroad. Abitibi-Témiscamingue’s only passenger train station is situated in Senneterre. Using a GPS, visitors can tour the town on their own and learn about its history and heritage. The city has a boat ramp on Bell River and a bike path running all the way to Mount Bell. It is possible to rent kayaks to explore the Bell River and its tributaries. In late June, the city is taken over by lumberjacks for the Festival forestier, and as one of the main gateways to the region, Senneterre becomes a meeting point for many snowmobilers.Senneterre
Rémigny4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityEstablished in 1935, this quaint village bears the name of one of the officers of the Carignan regiment, as do many other villages in the region. Located on a peninsula, this municipality is your true nature destination. In addition to its many bodies of water, you will find a walleye spawning ground, a charming park and a game-abounding hunting territory where you may stay at an outfitter’s. There is also an old paddle-wheel water mill, as well as a cut-stone church; the pride of its parishioners.Rémigny
Église de Rémigny4Témiscamingue|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|88|9|Religious Heritage,Culture and Heritage|46|Religious BuildingsBuilt in 1940-1946 thanks to the thousands of hours of volunteer work done by the parishioners of Rémigny, it is a testament to the perseverance of these people at the time of colonization. It is built of cut stone in the Dom Bellot style, i.e. without any pillars inside, and it houses three consecrated altars; a unique feature in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Rémigny
Musée de Guérin4Témiscamingue|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|45|MuseumsThis museum plunges you into the life of a Témiscamingue village of the 1940s and 1950s. Experience family and social highlights, meet community movers and shakers, and witness the dramatic changes at the turn of the ’50s that transformed the face of agriculture and rural life. Linger at the Resto-dépanneur Souvenirs, an old-time restaurant/convenience store, and savour dishes made by Guérinoises who carry the torch of tradition.Guérin
Sentier écologique du Témiscamingue4Témiscamingue|1|3|Activities and attractions,Outdoor activities|10|17|Nature,On ground|51|69|Interpretation,Nature InterpretationDiscover the secrets of plants while hiking the Témiscamingue nature trail. Guided by interpretation panels, you’ll marvel at the incredible variety of plant life. Show your stuff, and tackle the challenges of the fitness trail. Snap a few pictures at the mid-point rest station. Afterward, enjoy a well-earned feast in the picnic area. Modern washrooms onsite.Nédélec
Centre d'interprétation Becs et jardins4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|51|52|Interpretation,Landscape Gardens and ParksSituated at the southern entrance of the municipality of Nédélec, bordering Hwy. 101, the Centre d’interprétation Becs et jardins (beaks and gardens) offers animation, awareness and education activities on the theme of the environment. A walking path makes it possible to enhance the wealth and variety of the local plant life. Moreover, bird watching enthusiasts will get a chance to observe several species.Nédélec
Notre-Dame-du-Nord4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityThis municipality revolves around two main centres of activity; manufacturing and farm-produce industries. On a more familiar basis it is also called “le Nord”. It is “au Nord” that the famous “Rodéo du camion” (truck rodeo) takes place at the beginning of August. Moreover, you will find a lighted promenade and a marina has been built along the waterfront. The latter is part of the Outaouais River Waterway which, in fact, starts at Notre-Dame-du-Nord.Notre-Dame-du-Nord
Centrale de la Première-Chute4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|13|Industrial tours|60|HydroelectricityProudly perched on the Rivière des Outaouais – access route of explorers, pious missionaries, fur traders, colonizers and other daring souls – discover the only hydro-electric plant in Abitibi-Témiscamingue open to the public. Take advantage of your visit to learn how the conversion to 25 to 60 cycles was done and about the electrification of rural areas. See how the river is harnessed today to produce clean, renewable energy.Notre-Dame-du-Nord
Fossilarium4Témiscamingue|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesTravel back in time and discover the fascinating fossils found here and elsewhere. Reproductions of huge fossils, animated videos and hands-on experience await. Take a guided tour, become a paleontologist, and uncover fossils to be preserved. From insect fossils to those of our aviary, you’ll marvel at the peculiarities of local finds, the modes of reproduction of these creatures, and their beauty.Notre-Dame-du-Nord
Le T.E. Draper/Chantier Gédéon4Témiscamingue|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|42|Historic SitesFrom 1929 to 1972, the T.E. Draper was the biggest logging tugboat of the Canadian International Paper (C.I.P.) Co. on Lac des Quinze. In 1979, it was declared a cultural property. Board the tug, and return to the age of timber rafting. Visit the Chantier Gédéon, a recreation of an actual logging camp. Its buildings and forest trail transport you into the lives of the men who prepared the timber-rafting season.Angliers
Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityFrom township municipality in 1897, Guigues became, in 1912, the municipality of Saint-Bruno-de- Guigues in honor of the first township bishop, Mgr Joseph Eugène Bruno Guigues. Its history unfolds throughout various attractions, among these the Domaine Breen, built in 1906 and the “Dénommé” covered bridge, erected in 1933. Despite the absence of remnants to attest to this, it was in Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues that the first silver mine in Canada (Wright Mine) was opened at the end of the 1800’s, until its closing for good in 1952. To emphasize this singular era, the municipality had a replica of the mine made to be used as a frame for a sundial with a diameter of 5 metres (16 ft.) and a height of 3 metres (10 ft.). This sundial is unique in the region and has been set up near the church. Today, agriculture and small business are the economic drive of this vacationing sector situated at the heart of Témiscamingue. Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues
Site historique Domaine Breen4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|9|Culture and Heritage|42|Historic SitesBuilt in 1906 by blacksmith Thomas Breen, this century-old house was named a historic site in 2007. The authenticity and furnishings have been retained, providing a special glimpse into the history, life and culture of the day. And the yard is a true historic garden. Explore the mysteries of the seasonal Halloween display in the attic. Visits include information about the mining history, symbolized by a sundial shaped like a mine headframe near the house.Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues
Centre d'interprétation de la guêpe4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|51|InterpretationMr. Gérard Gagnon has been collecting wasp nests since 1974 and now has over 1,000 of them. The interpretation centre currently exhibits over 700 of them, each unique in its own way. Discover how wasps build their nest, the materials they use and learn more on their cycle of life.Laverlochère
Ferme du Centaure4Témiscamingue|1|3|Activities and attractions,Outdoor activities|14|10|17|21|Municipality,Nature,On ground,Multi-activities|51|55|67|78|Interpretation,Visit a farm,Horseback riding,KartingA woman who has truly found her mission awaits you at the Ferme du Centaure riding school. Should you choose a guided tour, Orphée, the owner, will personally do the honours. Depending on your interests, she will explain how she develops communication with a horse and give your children a brief demonstration or quick course on grooming (brushing) ponies. The school also invites active visitors to enjoy the extraordinary experience of a riding lesson.Laverlochère
Latulipe-et-Gaboury4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityLatulipe lies on the shores of the Rivière Fraser and Lac des Quinze. Its proximity to forest and water make for an exceptional quality of life. Toward the end of Témiscamingue’s first period of colonization, Monsignor Élie Anicet Latulipe, first bishop of Haileybury and a key figure in the development of Témiscamingue, lent his name to the town. In 1910, the first settlers lived by farming and from the forest. Declared a historic monument in 2007, the Landry covered bridge, built in 1932, is located on Chemin du Rang 9 Ouest. On the banks of the Lac des Bois, the park beckons with the beautiful Témiscamingue forest along a sandy beach. A launching ramp downtown provides access to navigable waterways, while the Pointe-aux-Roches site offers hiking and mountain biking.Cantons-unis de Latulipe et Gaboury
Ville-Marie4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityWinner of La Presse’s Most beautiful village in Quebec contest in 2012, Ville-Marie impresses with its majestic lake and beautiful landscapes. Prenez un nouveau cap, Ville-Marie sur le Lac. (Change course, Ville-Marie on the Lake.) Here is the slogan of the oldest town of the region. Erected directly on the shores of Lake Témiscamingue, Ville-Marie bathes in a unique atmosphere of calm and relaxation, so conducive to vacationing. Walk around the streets and discover century-old Victorian houses, a former stone-built agricultural school, and an old town of Boomtown-style facades. A short distance from downtown, the parc du Centenaire, starting point of La Route verte, offers a breath-taking view of the lake. It is the prime animation site of the numerous festive and cultural events that set the tempo for a lively tourist season. In the summertime, an art performance is given on Sunday afternoons. Nearby, the municipal marina offers various services to the boaters and tourists who want to enjoy the sites. Ville-Marie
Grotte Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes4Témiscamingue|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|88|9|Religious Heritage,Culture and Heritage|46|Religious BuildingsThis grotto, situated at the eastern end of rue Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, was set up in 1904 to the likeness of the one in Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, France. It is regionally known as a place of pilgrimage and, each year, over 700 pilgrims flock here to join in the celebrations. Atop the belvedere, you get a stunning view of the town and Lake Témiscamingue. A short walk away, an interpretive path lets you appreciate the flora of Témiscamingue and leads you to an inviting picnic area.Ville-Marie
Maison du Frère-Moffet4Témiscamingue|1|82|Activities and attractions,Culture|15|87|9|City tours,Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|42|Historic SitesVisit the oldest Témiscamingue home still standing, built in 1881 and declared a historic monument. Discover one of Témiscamingue’s great legends, the story of Frère Moffet. Through his tenacity the agricultural foundations of the region were laid. Enjoy a ride through the streets of Ville-Marie by bicycle taxi while regaled with tales about the characters who people its history – a fascinating and eco-friendly trip through time!Ville-Marie
Les Chocolats Martine4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsLocated in the marina, a magnificent site on the shores of Lake Témiscamingue, Les Chocolats Martine is well-known in Abitibi-Témiscamingue for its delicious Belgian chocolate prepared on site. During the guided tour of the facilities, you will learn the secret of La Caramelle. After the tour, you will be invited to discover the gift shop’s treasures (chocolate, pastries, cheeses, coffee, regional products and gift ideas).Ville-Marie
Lieu historique national du Fort-Témiscamingue/Obadjiwan4Témiscamingue|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|42|Historic SitesWhere can you explore a trading post, enchanted forest, magnificent beach on a lake 100 km long with a native presence dating back 6,000 years, and the two century rivalry to control the fur trade? Fort-Témiscamingue/Obadjiwan has it all! Do the discovery tour to learn more about this major trading post, or challenge yourself with the Xplorers program. Guided tours for groups of 10 or more. For full programming, see the Web site.Duhamel-Ouest
Centre d'interprétation de la nature et marais Laperrière4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|51|InterpretationThe perfect place to sharpen your knowledge of wetland plants and animals. Admire the spider photo exhibit. Watch a butterfly emerge. View murals of the marsh, done by local artists. Learn all about bird banding. Take a walk around the Marais Laperrière, where you’ll find an observation tour, footbridge, dock and a listening station as well as parking and picnic facilities.Duhamel-Ouest
Laniel4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityNestled on the shores of the magnificent Lac Kipawa, Laniel is foremost a place to experience nature. The lake harbours amazing natural sites, including the Baie du Canal and a heron colony. There are also two picnic areas, one on Île Clermont and the other on Île du Huard. In the heart of town is a mural 110 m long and 2 m high showing highlights of Laniel history. Eight kilometres north lies the 10-km Grande Chute hiking trail, featuring striking views of the Rivière Kipawa, its waterfalls, rapids and whirlpools. You may even spot kayakers, come to test their mettle against the tumultuous river.Laniel
Témiscaming4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityTémiscaming is one of only three planned cities in Québec built following the British garden-city model. Anglo-Saxon architecture, flower gardens and European art slip pleasantly into the sumptuous natural decor of this mountainside community. Témiscaming has garnered three Fleurons awards, living up to its motto of “cité-jardin” (garden city). Témiscaming’s attractions include the Canadian Pacific Musée de la gare railway museum, recognized as a historic monument, as well as a 7 km linear trail, where you’ll discover the marvelous falls of the Ruisseau Gordon, and a lookout with surprising views of downtown and the Rivière des Outaouais. Témiscaming also boasts a golf course, baseball and soccer fields, and tennis courts. With its striking landscapes and many lakes, the Témiscaming area offers an exceptional natural experience in every season.Témiscaming
Musée de la gare4Témiscamingue|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|42|45|Historic Sites,MuseumsThis Canadian Pacific Railroad station, built in 1927, was restored and opened to the public in June 1996. The Musée de la gare houses a new and dynamic permanent exhibit retracing its development as the core of the community’s growth, while revealing its rich and unique architecture. Furthermore, discover a new temporary exhibition every season. Bike rentals are available.Témiscaming
Salon du livre de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue3Rouyn-Noranda|2|82|Festivals and Events,Culture|94|91|Wild life observation,Festivals and Cultural EventsCentre air-Creebec More than 200 publishing houses and some 100 authors invite you in the discovery of their latest books. Activities for people of all ages leading into the heart of adventures of all kinds. Val d'Or
Festival des Guitares du Monde en Abitibi-Témiscamingue3Rouyn-Noranda|2|82|Festivals and Events,Culture|94|91|Wild life observation,Festivals and Cultural EventsThis festival features more than 40 concerts by the most talented and gifted guitarists from the Quebec and world stages. You will be carried away by the performance of those artists, whose musical styles are as colorful as they are diverse. Rouyn-Noranda
Festival équestre de La Sarre2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationThis equestrian event is an opportunity for riders and their horses to display their skills. Heavy horse pull, vintage car exhibition and country music.La Sarre
Festival forestier de Senneterre5Vallée-de-l'Or|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationProfessional lumberjack competitions: axe, bow-saw, chainsaw and two-handed saw. Also: amateur competitions, shows, exhibitions, fireworks, inflatable games, etc. Senneterre
Festival d'humour de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue5Vallée-de-l'Or|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationCome enjoy performances by famous Quebec humorists during three gala evenings. As a bonus, don’t miss the grand finale of our Concours de la relève de l’humour. Val-d'Or
H2O le festival1Amos-Harricana|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationThis festival will please families and sport fans: water sports, friendly dragon boat competitions, running, games and high-caliber shows. Amos
Festival du DocuMenteur de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue3Rouyn-Noranda|2|82|Festivals and Events,Culture|94|91|Wild life observation,Festivals and Cultural EventsTell true from false. This festival of fake documentary films offers a diversified programming: international film creation, family films, conferences, tribute evening and shows. Rouyn-Noranda
L'Estival Rotary Desjardins d'Amos1Amos-Harricana|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationA program for all tastes and the entire family: Beauce Carnaval amusement park, evening performances, and many other surprises. Amos
Tour de l'Abitibi Desjardins, Tour de la relève Desjardins3Rouyn-Noranda|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationInternational road cycling race. Recognized worldwide as a prestigious event, Coupe des nations Junior UCI is the only one of the eight competitions taking place outside Europe. Also, Tour de la relève Desjardins welcomes young Quebec cyclists. Val d'Or
Rodéo du camion4Témiscamingue|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationThis event is well known for its amazing truck-pull competitions (with or without load) and super draw. The program includes shows, a public market, and kid games. Notre-Dame-du-Nord
La Sarre en fête2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationThis big family event provides entertainment for everyone: inflatable games, children activities and evening shows. Guaranteed fun!La Sarre
Festival western de Guigues4Témiscamingue|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationVarious competitions, including gymkhana and western pleasure, professional horse and bull riding rodeo, and heavy horse pull; children activities and booths; and indoor and outdoor music concerts. Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues
Festival de la Relève Indépendante Musicale en Abitibi-Témiscamingue5Vallée-de-l'Or|2|82|Festivals and Events,Culture|94|91|Wild life observation,Festivals and Cultural EventsFRIMAT proposes performances by up-and-coming artists on the Quebec music scene. Vitrine de la relève gives artists of Abitibi-Témiscamingue a fine opportunity to present their material and demonstrate their talent.Val-d'Or
Exposition agricole régionale d'Abitibi1Amos-Harricana|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationVarious activities associated with the agricultural world: livestock judging, dinner featuring regional products, horse pull and tractor pull competitions. Also: artisan stands, family activities, mini-farm and concerts.Saint-Félix-de-Dalquier
Festival pyromusical en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Osisko en lumière3Rouyn-Noranda|2|82|Festivals and Events,Culture|94|91|Wild life observation,Festivals and Cultural EventsA pyromusical show presented by professional fireworks teams by lac Osisko. Live concerts by world-renown artists every night and free family activities in the afternoon.Rouyn-Noranda
Foire gourmande de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue et du Nord-Est ontarien4Témiscamingue|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationFoire gourmande proposes food tasting activities, gourmet meals and interactions with food producers. Artisan stands, inflatable games and performances by regional artists. Ville-Marie
La route du terroir1Amos-Harricana|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationThis 8-km route, set amidst enchanting countryside, proposes a garage sale, kiosks of local and regional products, and food and craft items. Supper prepared with local products and evening music performance.La Motte
Festival de musique émergente3Rouyn-Noranda|2|82|Festivals and Events,Culture|94|91|Wild life observation,Festivals and Cultural EventsThe FME welcomes about 60 artists and bands from the international alternative music scene, with concerts given in an intimate or festive setting and music experiences surrounded by street art and spectacular urban scenography. Rouyn-Noranda
Foire du camionneur de Barraute1Amos Région|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationHeavy truck-pull competitions, with or without a trailer, Freestyle motocross show, and other activities: display stands, inflatable games, children makeup, and evening concerts. Barraute
Festivités champêtres de Saint-Marc-de-Figuery1Amos-Harricana|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationThis autumn get-together features contests, competitions and games in a friendly and festive countryside setting. Don’t miss our five-course meal tinted with a local flavor.Saint-Marc-de-Figuery
Salon des vins, bières et spiritueux de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue5Vallée-de-l'Or|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationThis wine show welcomes some forty exhibitors from here and elsewhere who propose their finest wines, beers, spirits, cheeses, chocolates and trendy products.Val-d'Or
Festival du cinéma international en Abitibi-Témiscamingue3Rouyn-Noranda|2|82|Festivals and Events,Culture|94|91|Wild life observation,Festivals and Cultural EventsThis festival presents about 150 film productions from some 30 countries. With short, medium-length and full feature films, animated films, fictions and documentaries, the Festival puts on quite a show!Rouyn-Noranda
Carnaval de Lorrainville4Témiscamingue|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationThe streets of Lorrainville are taken over by the joys of winter: snow sculpting, dog sledding, tobogganing, inflatable games, shows and much more.Lorrainville
La Sarre en neige2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationLa Sarre invites you to celebrate the joys of winter. This event offers many outdoor activities for the entire family. Visit our Website for the program. La Sarre
Annie (Troupe À Coeur ouvert)2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|90|9|Theatres,Culture and Heritage|47|Summer TheatresANNIE, a musical by play writer Thomas Meehan, composer Charles Strouse and lyricist Martin Charnin, tells the story of a young orphan who longs to find her parents. La Sarre
Théâtre du Tandem3Rouyn-Noranda|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|90|9|Theatres,Culture and Heritage|47|Summer TheatresThis professional company focuses on theatrical creation and recent Quebec repertoire works. Follow us on Facebook to discover behind-the-scene actions.
Location Blais3Rouyn-Noranda|3|4|Outdoor activities,Snowmobile|40|41|Equipment RentalsRouyn-Noranda
Les P'tits Roberge4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|40|Equipment RentalsVille-Marie
Marina de Gallichan2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|3|Outdoor activities|16|On water|65|MarinasRental of spaces with services for sailboats and motorboats. Services : electricity and running water on docks, wastewater recovery system, bathroom with showers and laundry facilities. Canoe, pedal boat and kayak rentals.Gallichan
Marina municipale de Ville-Marie4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|16|On water|65|MarinasClose to the city center and the beautiful Centenaire Park, this marina has 91 berths complete with water and electrical hook-ups; four berths are reserved for daily users. The service building is equipped with a washer and a dryer, toilets and showers. The parking lot is restricted to users. Also available: gas station, sanitary pump-out station and WiFi.Ville-Marie
Plage municipale du lac Beauchamp1Amos Région|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|53|Public BeachesOn site: picnic area, cabins, washrooms. Nearby: playground for children. Activities: volleyball, horseshoes.Amos
Plage municipale Rotary5Vallée-de-l'Or|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|53|Public BeachesServices offered: on site: playground area for children, picnic area, snack bar, public telephone and washroom. Nearby: boat ramp. Activity: volleyball.Val-d'Or
Piste et voie cyclables1Amos Région|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|71|Bike ExcursionsWithin the limits of Amos, cycling and roller skating enthusiasts enjoy its 5-km stone dust covered bike path, its 11-km paved cycling lane and the Route verte, which offers a cycling network totaling 11 km. Amos
Sentier multifonctionnel2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|3|Outdoor activities|17|18|On ground,On snow|70|71|72|74|Hiking Trails,Bike Excursions,Snowshoeing,Cross-country skiingAccessible year round, this 5-km multifunctional asphalt trail completes the bicycle lane going through the city of La Sarre. In the summertime, it is a pleasant path for cycling, roller-skating or walking; in the wintertime, people use if for cross-country skiing. La Sarre
Piste cyclable du lac Osisko et circuit cyclable3Rouyn-Noranda|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|71|Bike ExcursionsSeveral routes on a secure cycle track and paved shoulders will take you on the discovery of Rouyn-Noranda and surroundings. Following the shoreline of Lac Osisko, this urban cycle path forms an 8.4 km loop. Have a taste of nature right at the heart of Rouyn-Noranda. Take advantage of our bike lending services available at La maison Dumulon (see Vélo Cité Rouyn-Noranda).Rouyn-Noranda
Parc linéaire du Témiscamingue, La ligne du Mocassin4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|71|Bike ExcursionsIt's in Ville-Marie that the La Route verte 2 starts, the Parc linéaire du Témiscamingue "La ligne du Mocassin". Cyclists enjoy a marked, crushed rock path that covers 45 km across agricultural and forestry panoramas whose first 1,4 km are on asphalt. You can access this path by Ville-Marie, Duhamel-Ouest, Lorrainville, Laverlochère and Angliers.Ville-Marie
Piste cyclable4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|71|Bike ExcursionsIn Ville-Marie, you will have the opportunity to use a 4 km long bicycle path, 1.5 km of which is a section of La Route verte circuit. During your excursion, you will cross old Ville-Marie where century-old homes, charming scenery and superb Lake Témiscamingue unfold before your eyes.Ville-Marie
Circuit cyclable et piétonnier Roger Labrosse4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|70|71|Hiking Trails,Bike ExcursionsTémiscaming
Husky Aventure Harricana5Vallée-de-l'Or|3|Outdoor activities|18|On snow|75|DogsledProducts offered: dogsled excursions with nature interpretation in the company of an experienced guide. Various packages available; per hour, half day or full day. Customized excursions are also offered on request. This activity is for the whole family, school and company groups. Reservations required, from mid December to beginning of April.Val-d'Or
Jardin Spa3Rouyn-Noranda|5|1|Lodging,Activities and attractions|29|11|Health spas,Relaxation|56|Health spasJardin Spa DESCRIPTIONRouyn-Noranda
Érablière L. Lapierre4TémiscamingueVisit of facilities, maple products on sale, maple taffy-on-the-snow.Laniel
Cabane à sucre Chez Ti-Paul2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-OuestCome enjoy a delicious sugar-shack meal in a warm and friendly space. And don’t miss the maple taffy! By reservation.Roquemaure
Aviation Berthelot5Vallée-de-l'Or|3|Outdoor activities|19|In the air|76|SeaplaneSenneterre
Abitibiwinni, l'expérience algonquine1Amos-Harricana|3|82|Outdoor activities,Culture|38|87|16|Adventure Tourism,Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,On water|63|CanoePikogan and the other Algonquin communities have for countless years been communicating and sharing among themselves and with other peoples. Come discover how they preserve and pass down their knowledge, beliefs and love of the land. Also an exhibition recounts the history of the Pikogan Abitibiwinni. The millennial occupation of a vast area has left marks still visible in Pikogan. Other sites to visit in Pikogan are the tipi-shaped church and Amerindian craft shop. Pikogan
Algonquin Canoe Company4Témiscamingue|7|3|Hunting and fishing,Outdoor activities|32|38|16|Ice Fishing,Adventure Tourism,On water|63|64|Canoe,KayakThorne
Stationnement pour motorisés, La Sarre2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|5|Lodging|24|25|Campgrounds,RV Parkings40 spaces available free of charge for motorhomes and trailers. Picnic tables available on the premises. Dump station nearby.La Sarre
Fête d'hiver de Rouyn-Noranda3Rouyn-Noranda|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationA rich and diversified activity program in a unique winter setting: national snow sculpting competition, street hockey tournament, footrace, snow tubing, concerts and much more…Rouyn-Noranda
Zec Dumoine3Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|37|Parks, Reserves and ZecsThis is an exceptional wildlife area of 1,502 square kilometers for outdoors, ATV, hunting, fishing, kayak and canoe enthusiasts.Rapides des Joachims
Auberge Dorval Lodge5Vallée-de-l'Or|7|Hunting and fishing|30|OutfittersSituated right off highway 117, at Km 402, the Dorval Lodge borders the Dozois reservoir, where fishing walleye and Northern pike is highly popular. With 28 cabins, 15 motorboats, 1 pontoon and several professional guides, the Dorval Lodge is the perfect place for dream fishing vacations.Egan
Pavillon du lac Berthelot5Vallée-de-l'Or|7|Hunting and fishing|30|OutfittersSenneterre
Pourvoirie du lac Matchi-Manitou5Vallée-de-l'Or|7|Hunting and fishing|30|32|Outfitters,Ice FishingThis outfitter is located near the northern area of La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve. Lake Matchi-Manitou is renowned for quality fishing and hunting and its many fine sand beaches. Those seeking comfort always appreciate our chalets, which include a toilet and a shower, two separate bedrooms, linen, a cooking stove, a refrigerator, pots and pans, a BBQ and automatic heating. These lakeside chalets provide comfort, tranquility and a magnificent view of the lake.Senneterre
Pourvoirie du Portage2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|7|Hunting and fishing|30|OutfittersThe pourvoirie du Portage is really one-of-a-kind. You can relax on an outdoor covered terrace or in a sauna. You may also take advantage of a canoe, boat or kayak excursion. Your choice of accommodations includes 7 rustic, fully-appointed cottages that include stove, refrigerator, electric heating, sanitation installations, bedding, towels and crockery, to accommodate 5 to 10 people. Two cottages are equipped with showers and 5 share a common shower. If you're looking for peacefulness, you will also have the chance to stay in a cottage located on an island at 200 metres from the site. Laundry facilities are available at the outfitter.Rapide-Danseur
Pourvoirie & Marina des trois lacs3Rouyn-Noranda|7|Hunting and fishing|30|32|Outfitters,Ice FishingRouyn-Noranda
Pourvoirie Fern2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|7|Hunting and fishing|30|32|Outfitters,Ice FishingThe pourvoirie Fern is the choice place for vacations in nature. With an easy access, the outfitter property extends along Duparquet Lake, one of the finest lakes in North America with its 135 islands. What makes us first: personalized service you can't match!Duparquet
Pourvoirie Mike's Outfitter3Rouyn-Noranda|7|Hunting and fishing|30|OutfittersSituated in a remarkable site that offers an exceptional view on pristine nature, the Pourvoirie Mike's Outfitter is totally removed from the hustle and bustle of the city and can only be accessed via waterway in summer and snowmobile in winter. Whether with friends or family, summer or winter, your peacefulness is guaranteed. Enjoy a fishing stay or ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or snowmobile with us.Rouyn-Noranda
Pourvoirie Wetetnagami0|7|Hunting and fishing|30| Outfitter is located in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, on the shore of Wetetnagami Lake . Each of our outpost cabins is situated on its own private bay, on a nice sandy beach to provide you with the privacy you desire. Our comfortable cabins (four stars) are fully equipped with propane refrigerator and cooking stove, wood burning stove, all kitchen accessoiries, shower and solar electricity. Fishing: Immense and beautiful, Wetetnagami Lake is famous for its incomparable fishing. From mid-May till fall, find your favorite fishing spot somewhere around the islands, in the bays or on the open lake where walleye and northern pike abound. Bear hunting: We have a big bear population and our success rate exceeds 95%, with mostly trophy specimens because we operate in a territory that has never been hunted before. Each hunting site is baited every day and is well equipped with a nice tree stand. We can also provide you with the services of a professionnal guide. Moose hunting: Our vast territory, with its river, bays and countless small lakes is the ideal site for a successful moose hunting experience. We are famous among serious moose hunters for the quality and quantity of moose roaming the region and for our excellent success rate.Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs
Camp La Lucarne / Pourvoirie Anishnabek inc.4Témiscamingue|7|Hunting and fishing|30|OutfittersCamp La Lucarne is located on an exceptional site bordering Kipawa Lake, a body of water worth discovering. It is a dream place for your next vacation and a veritable paradise for hunting and fishing buffs. With five two-bedroom cottages, a sauna, hot tub facilities, a beach, a restaurant and bar, moorage facilities, private docks, boat rentals and direct access to Trans-Québec snowmobile trail #63, you'll surely find something to please everyone in the family! Open from May 2015.Laniel
Taggart Bay Lodge4Témiscamingue|7|Hunting and fishing|30|OutfittersLaniel
Domaine Driftwood4Témiscamingue|7|Hunting and fishing|30|OutfittersMoffet
Gîtes Dumoine Nature4Témiscamingue|7|Hunting and fishing|30|OutfittersRapides des Joachims
Pourvoirie Le Vacancier4Témiscamingue|7|Hunting and fishing|30|32|Outfitters,Ice FishingLe Vacancier is an outfitting operation providing a wide variety of fishing, hunting and outdoors activities. Easy access via provincial highway 382 and our four-season chalets make it possible to offer these activities in the most time of the year.Belleterre
Pourvoirie Camachigama5Vallée-de-l'Or|7|Hunting and fishing|31|Outfitters with exclusive rightsPourvoirie Camachigama, located on an island, is a wildlife paradise where animals, birds and fish abound—a paradise that can be reached by car, pickup truck or privately owned or chartered seaplane. Good food and wine combine with culinary expertise to make your stay a delight. This outfitter offers quality, selection and cleanliness. For hunting moose, bear or small game, and for fishing at its best, you can trust the outfitters on Lac Camachigama. And you can hike, go paddle-boating, windsurf and canoe. Special family packages are also available. Protecting the environment is a major concern, one we hope all our guests will share.Sherbrooke
Balbuzard Sauvage inc.5Vallée-de-l'Or|7|Hunting and fishing|31|Outfitters with exclusive rightsBased at 125 Km from Senneterre, the nearest town, the Outfitting Lodge enjoys an exclusive right for hunting, fishing and collecting small game. With more than 200 lakes, the principal lodge nestles on the shores of Trévet Lac in a jewelbox of hills covered with dark spruce and white birches.Senneterre
La Réserve Beauchêne4Témiscamingue|7|Hunting and fishing|31|Outfitters with exclusive rightsTémiscaming
Pourvoirie lac La Truite4Témiscamingue|7|Hunting and fishing|31|Outfitters with exclusive rightsYou will always have a great fishing experience at Club Trout Lake. You can fish for lake trout, walleye, northern pike and you can do it all from the inn, the nearby cottage or from one of the many outpost camps. Fishing is strictly reserved for our guests. This means our conservation measures directly benefit our customers with quality fishing. You can expect trophy walleye on Trout, Winnawiash and Bay lakes, while catching your daily limit, or practicing catch and release. Experienced anglers easily get their daily limit of three nice lake trout and possibly one great trophy. Walleyes and northern pikes are abundant all over the territory and if they're your kind of fish, you will be thrilled with the experience, for trophy fish is there waiting for you. Located on Trout Lake, Club Trout Lake Inn is a 4-star Québec Wilderness Lodge recognized by the Société de la faune et des parcs du Québec (Wildlife and Parks Québec).Belleterre
Moto sport du cuivre inc.3Rouyn-Noranda|3|4|Outdoor activities,Snowmobile|40|41|Equipment RentalsRouyn-Noranda (Évain)
Villa sous les frênes4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|28|Tourist ResidencesSaint-Bruno-de-Guigues
Pavillon du Lac Guéguen inc.5Vallée-de-l'Or|7|Hunting and fishing|30|32|Outfitters,Ice FishingVal-d'Or
Domaine des Rêves1Amos Région|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|55|Visit a farmThis animal farm has more than twenty miniature horses and household pets from South America. You will be amazed by their small size and vivacious nature, and some of them will proudly demonstrate their skills. Also bardot, donkey, sheep, miniature pig and various types of rabbit. Watching these animals sharing the same caring and respectful environment is quite impressive, making your visit unforgettable. A rendez-vous with passion and emotions.Amos
Clerval2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityPicturesque village located near Lake Abitibi, Clerval was founded in 1927 and has a population of welcoming Clervalois and Clervaloises. The village will surprise many with its attractions, such as its water-related activities. Part of the village, Nepawa Island boasts of the only covered bridge of the province to link an island to mainland. The island, which enjoys a mild microclimate, was developed by newcomers from the Magdalen Islands in the 1930s. Clerval
Festival des Langues sales2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|2|82|Festivals and Events,Culture|94|91|Wild life observation,Festivals and Cultural EventsThis festival celebrates the French language as spoken in our communities: rich and spicy. Music, sing-along songs, comedy, poetry and 'bitching' contests between villages. La Sarre
Troupe de théâtre Brin d'folie3Rouyn-Noranda|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|90|9|Theatres,Culture and Heritage|47|Summer TheatresThe theatre group Brin d’Folie, founded in 2002, allows theatre lovers to participate in the creation of quality theatrical productions on and behind the scene. The 2014 season is presented at the Petit Théâtre du Vieux Noranda. Check our Website for more information on the upcoming play.Rouyn-Noranda
Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Noranda3Rouyn-Noranda|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|89|9|Auditoriums,Culture and Heritage|48|Performing Arts CentersA must of the emerging cultural scene, the Petit Théâtre features festivals, music, and summer theatre. Over 100 nights of shows yearly. Check our Website for full programming.Rouyn-Noranda
Marina municipale de Témiscaming4Témiscamingue|3|Outdoor activities|16|On water|65|MarinasThe marina offers 17 spaces with video surveillance. In addition to the usual services of launching ramps, toilets, showers and gasoline, boating enthusiasts can book in advance during summertime at the above phone number.Témiscaming
Forêt ornithologique Askikwaj1Amos Région|3|Outdoor activities|17|18|On ground,On snow|70|72|Hiking Trails,SnowshoeingTwo narrow trails winding their way across a conservation zone featuring a hill and two lakes. The first trail ("sentier des Belvédères"), at the top of the hill, offers numerous interesting viewpoints. It is well suited for people of all ages, for it can be walked in less than one hour. For the more ambitious, the second trail ("sentier des Oiseaux") circles the hill through bird watching and nature observation areas. Hikers will appreciate the nestling boxes installed along the trail.La Corne
Collines Kékéko3Rouyn-Noranda|3|Outdoor activities|17|18|On ground,On snow|70|72|74|Hiking Trails,Snowshoeing,Cross-country skiingRouyn-Noranda (Beaudry)
Bistro la Maîtresse2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|6|82|1|Dining,Culture,Activities and attractions|89|9|Auditoriums,Culture and Heritage|48|Performing Arts CentersBistro, bar and restaurant, happy hour menu, dinner-shows, and reception room.La Sarre
Aventures Obikoba4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|92|Alternative AccommodationsRental of four-season cabins on the shore of lac Lebret and lac tiger baie. Aventures Obikoba suggests a wide range of outdoor activities. In winter, the cabins are accessible on snowshoe and snowmobile. Rémigny
Pourvoirie St-Cyr Royal5Vallée-de-l'Or|7|Hunting and fishing|31|Outfitters with exclusive rightsSenneterre
Stationnement pour motorisés, Ville-Marie4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|24|25|Campgrounds,RV ParkingsLocated in the Parc des Clubs, on Industrielle Street, 12 spaces available at moderate prizes. Dump station, fast food, restrooms, children’s playground and city center nearby. $10 a day.Ville-Marie
Marché public de Rouyn-Noranda3Rouyn-Noranda|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsThis public food market gives the population the opportunity to buy fresh produces, and provides food producers and agri-food processors a place to promote and sell their products. Rouyn-Noranda
Amos1Amos-Harricana|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityIn the heart of Abitibi, somewhere between Harricana River and the esker – our most precious natural wealth known as one of the world’s best source of fresh water – stands at the crossroads a city built on pristine water and nature, a city anchored into one century of history filled with the courage and determination of pioneers who moved here in the hope of finding a better life. With its warm and welcoming population, its enjoyable and enriching activities, and its dynamic and daring organizations, Amos is an urban living environment where nature fits in naturally. Boasting a rich and unique heritage, the people of Amos live a fulfilled life in which they can strike a fair balance between work, sport, recreation, culture and happiness. Amos
Office du tourisme et des congrès de Val-d'Or5Vallée-de-l'Or|1|8|Activities and attractions,Tourist Information Bureaus|15|34|City tours,Tourist Information BureausVal-d'Or
Bureau d'information touristique de Senneterre5Vallée-de-l'Or|1|8|Activities and attractions,Tourist Information Bureaus|15|34|City tours,Tourist Information BureausThe Senneterre Tourist Information Office offers a full range of brochures on Abitibi-Témiscamingue, all Quebec regional tourism guides, many guides for other Canadian provinces as well as specialized guides on camping, outfitting etc. In addition, you’ll find Senneterre souvenirs and native handicrafts for sale. The office also operates La Belle en Kayak and a geocaching street circuit.Senneterre
La Rose des Vents3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningThe Chef invites you to enjoy a unique food experience. On the menu, dishes prepared with Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Quebec food products, depending on the season. Rouyn-Noranda
Fromagerie Fromabitibi2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|55|Visit a farmThis family business offers various caprine dairy products: yogurt, milk and various types of cheese (feta, fresh cheese, spreadable, grilling, curds, mild and medium cheddar, etc.) known for their excellent quality. This line of products now carries the label "Bê!". The owner is always pleased to talk about his passion for goats and will show you around the facilities. It is possible to buy dairy products on the premises. Colombourg
Plage Kiwanis3Rouyn-Noranda|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|53|Public BeachesServices offered: swimming, sanitary services, beach cabins, outdoor showers (cold water), picnic tables, parking for recreational vehicles ($13 daily, no services). Activities: water slide, volleyball court.Rouyn-Noranda
Jeux d'eau3Rouyn-Noranda|1|3|Activities and attractions,Outdoor activities|10|39|Nature,Water play area|53|Public BeachesNeed to cool off on a hot summer day? Come to Parc Trémoy or to Parc St-Luc and take advantage of water play facilities that will delight kids and adults alike! Contact us for the location of other water play facilities in Rouyn-Noranda. Rouyn-Noranda
Sentiers pédestres de la forêt d'enseignement et de recherche du lac Duparquet2Abitibi-Ouest|3|Outdoor activities|17|18|On ground,On snow|70|72|69|Hiking Trails,Snowshoeing,Nature InterpretationThe FERLD (Forêt d’enseignement et de recherche du lac Duparquet) contains two main trails. The 4-km Balbuzard interpretation trail includes 6 panels providing explanations on research activities conducted by the FERLD. The Hébécourt hiking trail stretches over a distance of 10 km through the hills of the same name and features several loop trails offering stunning views over the surrounding lakes. Rapide-Danseur
Sentiers Opasatica3Rouyn-Noranda|3|Outdoor activities|17|18|On ground,On snow|70|72|Hiking Trails,SnowshoeingRouyn-Noranda (Montbeillard)
Bureau d'accueil touristique de Témiscaming4Témiscamingue|8|Tourist Information Bureaus|35|Tourist Welcome BureausTémiscaming
Bureau d'accueil touristique de Notre-Dame-du-Nord4Témiscamingue|8|Tourist Information Bureaus|35|Tourist Welcome BureausNotre-Dame-du-Nord
Bureau d'information touristique de La Sarre2Abitibi-Ouest|8|Tourist Information Bureaus|34|Tourist Information BureausLa Sarre
Bureau d'information touristique de Rouyn-Noranda3Rouyn-Noranda|8|Tourist Information Bureaus|34|Tourist Information BureausTourist information office open all year-round Free services provided: - Dumping station for trailers - RV Parking - Parking for motorcycles - WiFi - Picnic areaRouyn-Noranda
Stationnement pour motorisés, Témiscaming4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|25|RV Parkings3 spaces with amperage and restrooms. Boat landing, wharf and swimming on place. Pets allowed and dump station nearby.Témiscaming
Rôtisserie O'Poulet3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningVaried menu: fried chicken, pasta, Planet pizza, Chinese food, etc. In the summertime, complete your meal with a sweet treat from our ice-cream parlor.Rouyn-Noranda
Bienvenue Chez-Oeufs3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningThe perfect family restaurant to share a healthy breakfast. We serve lunch Monday to Friday. Personalized and friendly service. Rouyn-Noranda
La Muse Gueule3Roouyn-Noranda|6|DiningThis restaurant proposes fine daily menus, salads and pastas for all tastes, prepared with lots of care, in a relaxed ambiance and serene setting.Rouyn-Noranda
Championnat canadien de l'Est d'accélération sur neige2Abitibi-Ouest|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationThis championship begins with one day of free testing, followed by two days of competition. Pilots from Canada and the United States compete for the title, but also for one of the bursaries. La Sarre
Salon régional des générations en Abitibi-Témiscamingue5Vallée-de-l'Or|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationThis 2-day regional event proposes various activities focusing on intergenerational solidarity and exchanges: conferences, exhibit stands, thematic activities and show. Val-d'Or
Olive et Basil3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningSpecialties: salads, pizzeta, panini sandwiches, couscous. Discover our variety of specialty food.Rouyn-Noranda
Chocolat-Bistro le Gisement3Rouyn-Noranda|6|1|Dining,Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsNeed a mug of pure comfort? Come discover this bistro’s specialty: a unique blended-spice hot chocolate. You’ll also find a daily menu offering a vast choice of coffees, teas, chocolates, beers and more. Free Wi-Fi.Rouyn-Noranda
Restaurant Mikes3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningThis Italian restaurant provides quality, quick and courteous service in a cozy atmosphere. Dishes prepared with great care. Rouyn-Noranda
Le Rift Galerie, Théâtre, Cinéma4Témiscamingue|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|89|9|Auditoriums,Culture and Heritage|48|Performing Arts CentersOne building, two addresses. Standing right in the heart of Ville-Marie, only three blocks away from Lake Témiscamingue, Le Rift combines two vocations: art gallery and performing arts/movie theater. Le Rift is a real cultural crossroads for Témiscamingue. Since 1992, on even years, it has presented the Biennale internationale d’art miniature; this event rallies 500 works by artists from around the world. Ville-Marie
Motel Dix5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsVal-d'Or
Circuit agrotouristique1Amos-Harricana|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|55|Visit a farmThis agro-tourism tour features many activities yours to enjoy throughout the day with a guide: guided visits of a dairy farm, a honey farm and a stable. Come rain come shine, share a meal with friends and family on a nicely set out picnic site. Complement the day with a visit to Musée de la poste and Boutique de forge.Saint-Marc-de-Figuery
Le Trèfle Noir3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningMicrobrewery. The pub hosts several cultural events: concerts, exhibitions, launches. Happy hour menu. Rouyn-Noranda
Ferme Nordvie4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsSaint-Bruno-de-Guigues
Motel Renéco5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsSenneterre
Ouistiti - Centre d'amusement familial3Rouyn-Noranda|1|Activities and attractions|21|Multi-activities|80|Amusement centerInside play center for children 1 to 10 years of age: trampoline, ball pool, tunnels, slides, and ball fountain. Other services include: rental of children party rooms, rental of inflatable games, drop-in center, and healthy snacks.Rouyn-Noranda
Choco-Mango5Vallée-de-l'Or|6|1|Dining,Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsChoco-Mango proposes a fine selection of products: homemade chocolate, coffee, cakes and ice cream. Chocolate and wine pairing.Val-d'Or
Bar Bistro l'Entracte5Vallée-de-l'Or|6|DiningThis restaurant combines gastronomic delights, great performances and unique lounge atmosphere. Cuisine focused on regional products.Val-d'Or
L'Auberge des 4 saisons5Vallée-de-l'Or|6|5|Dining,Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsSituated in the city center, our inn provides four comfortable rooms at affordable rates and an adjacent restaurant. Breakfast included. Free WiFi access and cable. Accessible by snowmobile or ATV. Welcome everyone!Senneterre
Camping le Nid d'Aigle5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|3|Lodging,Outdoor activities|24|40|Campgrounds,Equipment RentalsVal-d'Or
Quality Inn & Suites Val-d'Or5Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsWith 82 luxurious rooms and suites, Quality Inn and Suites Val-d’Or propose you an enjoyable stay. The many services offered on the premises will facilitate your visit: meeting room, laundry, fitness room, free breakfast and more. For more information, visit our Website.Val-d'Or
Café Elkoza2Abitibi-Ouest|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|9|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesBordering lac Macamic, Café Elkoza proposes a warm and friendly atmosphere to discover the works of artists and artisans of the region while enjoying a specialty coffee or a delicious meal. From the terrace, a footbridge leads to a paddleboat named "Le Rêveur" which was built Émilien Bélanger. Drinks and meals are served in the summertime.Macamic
Café-bar l'Abstracto3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningA roasting house of 100% certified fair trade coffee from around the world. Taste de difference! Hot chocolate, imported beer and scotch. Rouyn-Noranda
Vélo Cité3Rouyn-Noranda|3|1|Outdoor activities,Activities and attractions|17|21|On ground,Multi-activities|71|78|Bike Excursions,KartingLocated directly on the Lac Osisko cycle path, Vélo Cité Rouyn-Noranda lends bicycles at no charge! More than 20 high-end bikes are available. You can also borrow an electric bicycle, bikes for children, kiddie trailers, tandem bicycle or longboard. In the wintertime, Vélo Cité, together with Magasin général Dumulon, lends snowshoes and skates for free.Rouyn-Noranda
Cyclo-voie du partage des eaux3Rouyn-Noranda|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|71|Bike ExcursionsTaking this cycle path, which follows an old railway line between Rouyn Noranda and Taschereau, cyclists can immerse themselves in a variety of natural settings representing the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region’s characteristic ecosystems. Stretching 56 km, this portion of La Route verte is entirely covered with stone dust. Pick up a map of the cycle path at the tourist information office in Rouyn-Noranda.Rouyn-Noranda
Barraute1Amos-Harricana|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityAt the junction of three major cities of Abitibi, Barraute offers nature on a plateau. This is where you find the best water in the world, the 'Fleurons du Québec', not to mention the parks and bike trails. Discover the area’s geomorphology and forest on a mountain that offers a full gamut of experiences: lakes, camping, hiking trail, mountain bike trail, interpretation trail in the summertime; downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and crosscountry skiing in the wintertime. Barraute is willing to share its treasures!Barraute
Centre d'interprétation Camp Spirit Lake1Amos-Harricana|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|42|Historic SitesThis historical interpretation center used to be one of the 24 detention camps for foreign nationals from enemy countries. It was built during World War I, and welcomed nearly 1,200 prisoners and about 60 families, predominantly Ukrainian. Also, come visit our historical interpretation center marking the 100th anniversary of Spirit Lake Camp (1915-2015). Trécesson
Exposition " Duparquet, une ville au coeur en or "2Abitibi-Ouest|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesDiscover the rich past of Duparquet through photographs and objects. Relive the history of this community from its foundation to our days. The discovery, in 1912, of the first gold vein and the opening of its first mining company, Beattie Gold Mines, kicked off Duparquet’s demographic boom.Duparquet
Fromagerie Le Fromage au village4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsA cheese dairy that makes artisanal cheeses from local milk. Specialties: Angelus, Cru du clocher and Fleur d’ail.Lorrainville
Kipawa4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|14|MunicipalityFounded in 1985 beside the city of Témiscaming, Kipawa is one of the region’s newest municipalities. It takes its name from the majestic lake east of town, Lac Kipawa, a gem spanning over 300 km2, dotted with hundreds of islands and deepwater bays. A prime fishing destination, the lake is recognized as one of Québec’s most beautiful. A dock in Baie-de-Kipawa lets recreational boaters dip their hulls. Gateway to the vast Restigo and Kipawa ZEC (controlled harvesting zones), Kipawa thrives in harmony alongside the Algonquin Eagle Village Indian Reserve, which holds the Kipawa Countryfest each August. Winter offers a fresh face, drawing snowmobile, cross-country ski and snowshoeing enthusiasts.Kipawa
Circuit patrimonial2Abitibi-Ouest|82|Culture|84|Historic ToursLa Sarre’s tour of heritage sites is an invitation to a walk through time. Interpretation signs provide information on historic buildings and people who have marked and shaped the character of this city. A first step into the history and identity of La Sarre. La Sarre
Boutique souvenirs Expo-Art5Vallée-de-l'Or|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|9|58|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Culture and Heritage,Regional Delights|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesBoutique souvenirs Expo-Art sells creations by some 20 local artists and artisans and a wide range of souvenir products such as the famous Sucre d’Or collection. You will also find a display of regional products. Make a stop at the tourist information desk to take a good look at the huge work of art by Cree artist Stephen Sheshamush, "Mère Nature", symbolizing the friendship existing between the Cree and the Val-d’Or people. Val d'Or
Restaurant le Matéo5Vallée-de-l'Or|6|DiningAdjacent to Auberge des 4 saisons. Specialties : pizza, Italian and Quebec cuisine, roasts, steaks, brochettes. Table d’hôte. Reception room with fireplace. Accessible by snowmobile and ATV.Senneterre
Café des Rumeurs2La Sarre et l'Abitibi-Ouest|6|DiningGallichan
Sentiers et voie cyclables1Amos-Harricana|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|71|Bike ExcursionsEnjoy kilometre after kilometre of riding through our mixed urban and rural region and head for the mountain, where some very special forest trails await you. Several kilometers of trails that are yours to discover on the asphalt road skirting the majestic Lake Fiedmont. Spin those wheels as you discover Barraute a whole different way.Barraute
Maison du tourisme1Amos-Harricana|1|8|Activities and attractions,Tourist Information Bureaus|15|34|City tours,Tourist Information BureausAmos
Motel 1115Vallée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|27|Hotels/MotelsThanks to a dynamic and friendly team, Motel 111 is a warm and welcoming place for a very pleasant stay. Recently renovated air-conditioned rooms. Wireless Internet, bar, etc. Accessible by snowmobile. Val-d'Or
Miel Abitémis4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsA family business, Miel Abitémis has produced grade A honey for over a quarter century. Our region’s hot, dry summers and cool nights yield a honey with a truly unique flavour. Specialties: clover, blueberry and wildflower honeys; pollen; royal jelly; honey candies; and comb honey.Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues
Atelier-galerie de l'artiste peintre Staifany GonthierRouyn-Noranda|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|9|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesArtist-painter Staifany Gonthier’s playful and colorful creative universe is set in a style accessible to everyone. As soon as you walk in her art workshop and gallery, situated in Rouyn-Noranda’s downtown area, you enter her world. Discover her sources of inspiration, see her talent come alive, enjoy a conversation with her and admire her works that adorn the walls.Rouyn-Noranda
Grand Prix international Snowcross de Rouyn-Noranda3Rouyn-Noranda|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationWorld-class snowmobile racing opposing pilots from all over Canada and the United States. Snowcross, an extrême sport discipline, combines speed and thrills for a one-of-a-kind event. Rouyn-Noranda
Miellerie de la Grande Ourse1Amos-Harricana|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsArtisanal certified-organic seasonal honey; blueberry, raspberry, caramel and choco-honey spreads; vinaigrettes; candles; and many other apiary products. Come pick raspberries with friends or family mid-July to September. You’ll find our products in our honey boutique, and in public markets and grocery stores.Saint-Marc-de-Figuery
Réseau cyclable5Vallée-de-l'Or|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|71|Bike ExcursionsThe Val-d'Or area offers more than 50 km of cycling trails running through all the city neighborhoods. The cycling network was inaugurated in 2007, but has not stopped growing. It gives cyclists the opportunity to enjoy their favorite activity in an urban setting or in the forest.Val-d'Or
Sushi & Cie1Amos-Harricana|6|DiningUrban atmosphere and personalized service. À la carte menu available at any time, takeout orders, sushi platter for meetings or group meals. Amos
Le Chenil du Chien-Loup1Amos-Haricanna|3|Outdoor activities|18|On snow|75|DogsledThe Chenil du Chien-Loup team invites you to discover the multiple splendors of Abitibi’s boreal forest. Come share your passion and live an unforgettable experience. Drive your own sled, or let us take you on a short one-hour ride or, if you prefer, a three-day excursion. Put on your snowshoes, and observe the surrounding nature and wildlife. Spend the night in an unusual place such as a prospector’s tent or a tee-pee, and enjoy an evening in a delightful change of scenery. Berry
Boulangerie Lacroix Normétal2Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsThis family run business has produced bread and pastry since 1951. Discover every step of the bread making process. Breathe the comforting smell of freshly baked bread lingering in the air, and while you are there, buy yourself a few products. A peek at what’s to come in 2012: the opening of Maison des Gaulois, a house at the image of the people of Normétal.Normétal
Festival Classique de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue5Vallée-de-l'Or|2|82|Festivals and Events,Culture|94|91|Wild life observation,Festivals and Cultural EventsThe Festival classique offers high quality concerts by guest artists of the regional, provincial and international scene. Their outstanding performances make this event unique. Val d'Or
Festival Art'Danse de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue5Vallée-de-l'Or|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationFeaturing world-renowned dancers, Festival Art’Danse puts this form of art under the spotlight with a variety of activities, dance parties, evening performances, and training workshops.Val d'Or
Camping Kanasuta3Rouyn-Noranda|5|Lodging|24|CampgroundsRouyn-Noranda
Bistro Jezz3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningFusion cuisine inspired by traditional recipes, invented anew with regional products and originality in the presentation. Rouyn-Noranda
Horizon Thaï3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningDiscover an authentic Thai and Asian cuisine, always nutritive and healthy, in the dynamic atmosphere of a modern bistro setting.Rouyn-Noranda
L'Éden rouge4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsA booth featuring regional produce: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and other produce. Homemade salsa and relish also available.Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues
Vers Forêt4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsA full array of products made with hand-picked fruits and wild plants: daisy buds, cattail hearts, spruce shoots, fiddleheads, Labrador tea, mushrooms, berry jams & spreads, jelly and syrup (fir, cedar, birch).Latulipe
Amos vous raconte son histoire, le circuit1Amos-Harricana|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|90|9|Theatres,Culture and Heritage|47|Summer TheatresTravel back in time to the days of colonization, and discover the cradle of Abitibi. This theatrical yet historical tour is above all entertaining and unique. Along a 3 km walking tour punctuated by short theatre scenes, young Amos introduces you to the builders who shaped the cradle of today’s Abitibi. Come discover Amos’ historical downtown area skirted by the beautiful Harricana River. Amos
Mine Canadian Malartic5Vallée-de-l'Or|1|Activities and attractions|13|Industrial tours|62|MineMalartic Mineralogical Museum provides the possibility of visiting the installations of Canada’s largest open pit gold mine, Canadian Malartic. This is a unique opportunity to discover, in Quebec, a gold-bearing mine in operation and to have a peek into the daily life of mine workers. Learn about technological development in the mining industry. Let’s bet that you will be amazed by the giant size of the equipment used at the site.Malartic
Verger des Tourterelles4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsAn orchard that produces and processes several varieties of fruit, including apples, elderberries, black currants and gooseberries. Specialties: cider, mistelle, spreads, berry syrups and coulis. Orchard tours, product tastings and you-pick by reservation.Duhamel-Ouest
Festival de cinéma des gens d'ici5Vallée-de-l'Or|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationThis festival gives filmmakers from the region the opportunity to make their short films known at Vues d’ici. Film projections revolving around a yearly theme. Val d'Or
Oasis du Bonheur3Rouyn-Noranda|5|Lodging|92|Alternative AccommodationsWhere getting away from urban life comes naturally! Accommodation in the quietness of the boreal forest, on the edge of a spring water lake: eco cabin, authentic yurt and modern tipi. Rouyn-Noranda
Caféier-Boustifo4Témiscamingue|6|DiningEnjoy a coffee from beans roasted on the premises or a meal prepared with local food products. A selection of 140 bulk products and 175 Quebec beer varieties. Ville-Marie
Guide de pêche Félix Goulet|7|Hunting and fishing|32|Ice FishingLearn from a professional guide on new fishing techniques. You will have the opportunity to use specialized gears suited to various species and water bodies. Day-by-day service; summer and wintertime. Fishing gears and baits supplied.
Pourvoirie des îles du lac Duparquet/Restaurant le Champêtre2Abitibi-Ouest|6|DiningConventional dishes and gourmet meals, prepared from regional food products. Culinary activities: lobster feast, oyster festival, wine and cheese parties, Oktoberfest, etc. Guests are welcome to bring their catch of the day to the Chef to cook.Duparquet
Le Cachottier3Rouyn-Noranda|6|DiningLe Cachottier serves appetizer portion dishes. Create your meal by combining your choice of dishes. The setting, with the kitchen and bar in the middle of the room, is conducive to friendly exchanges. Rouyn-Noranda
La Gaufrière4Témiscamingue|6|DiningA family restaurant serving home cooking: wafers, panakes, traditional or health breakfast. Take-out. Ville-Marie
Domaine DesDuc4Témiscamingue|6|1|Dining,Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsVineyard on the edges of Lake Témiscamingue. Thanks to the microclimate provided by the proximity of the lake and the favorable orientation of its south-south-west slope, the vineyard enjoys maximum sunshine. The level of sugar and acidity of the grapes grown at Domaine des Ducs are compatible with the production of quality wine.Duhamel-Ouest
Labyrinthe des insectes1Amos-Harricana|1|Activities and attractions|21|10|Multi-activities,Nature|78|51|Karting,InterpretationThis 1-km maze winds its way through a poplar plantation. Expect a pleasant hike, with plenty of discoveries, amidst a forest of protected biodiversity. Participate in a rally and treasure hunt, and learn more about insects. Take the opportunity to appreciate the personal collections and artworks inspired by insects from Société des arts Harricana. A unique experience with nature and a close-up look at living insects. Amos
Sentiers de ski de fond et raquette5Vallée-de-l'Or|3|Outdoor activities|18|On snow|72|74|Snowshoeing,Cross-country skiingIn Malartic, there is no such thing as winter hibernation, for the Club de ski de fond et de sports de plein air gives the people of Malartic the possibility to enjoy an active life during the season of snow-covered ground. Winter is a fine opportunity to dress warm and play outside, to enjoy winter sports, and to admire breathtaking landscapes covered in deep snow. The 8-km marked trail surrounding Camping régional de Malartic allows you to stretch your legs in a natural wooded environment. The cross-country and snowshoeing trails are groomed by Club de ski de fond et de sports de plein air so that people of all ages can enjoy this beautiful season safely. This trail is open in the summertime, to the delight of those who are enthusiasts of outdoor activities and walks in the woods. Malartic
Maison Hector-Authier1Amos-Harricana|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|87|9|Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|42|Historic SitesMaison Hector-Authier has been a privileged witness to the beginning of Abitibi. Considered as the first stylish and sustainable house to have been built in the region, the building is now the home of an interpretation center on the life, work and achievements of the man we affectionately call "The Father of Abitibi". Amos
Fourrures Grenier1Amos-Harricana|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|21|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Multi-activities|78|KartingThis family business, founded more than 40 years ago, has passed down the art of fur, from fur dressing and cutting to garment making, from generation to generation. Visit our workshop to appreciate the meticulous work of our artisans and our high-end products: boots, hats, mittens and slippers. Fourrures Grenier also sells Made-in-Québec clothing and accessories, including shoes, handbags and coats. Barraute
Centre d'interprétation de la foresterie2Abitibi-Ouest|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|51|InterpretationCome visit the new premises of Centre d’interprétation de la foresterie, which features a collection of tools used for forestry decades ago. Discover the history of the region as told by its geography, forestry and archeology. Member of Réseau muséal Abitibi-Témiscamingue.La Sarre
La Cité de l'Or/ Géocaching5Vallée-de-l'Or|1|Activities and attractions|14|21|Municipality,Multi-activities|78|KartingThis geocaching-inspired activity is dynamic, educational and enriching. It introduces the participants to a position-providing device. Scientifically instructive and team spirit oriented, this activity proposes two themes: gold and mining prospection. Hiking shoes and clothes adapted to the ambient temperature are required.Val-d'Or
Fossilarium4Témiscamingue|1|Activities and attractions|21|Multi-activities|78|KartingBe a paleontologist for one hour, two hours or a day during an excursion led by a competent guide. Excavate the site in the search of fossils, keep those tagged by the guide, and participate in museum research. If you make an outstanding discovery, your name will appear on the list of our collection. Notre-Dame-du-Nord
Les Matins Tranquilles3Rouyn-Noranda|5|Lodging|92|Alternative AccommodationsLocated on lac Osisko, near the town’s main centers of interest, Les Matins tranquilles offers quietness in the heart of Rouyn-Noranda. In order to go in and out as they wish, guests staying more than one day have access to a shared kitchen. Also furnished: a shared bathroom, linens, towels, TV set and wireless Internet. Rouyn-Noranda
La Fabrique de Geppetto4Témiscamingue|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|87|9|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Museums, Interpretation and Historic Sites,Culture and Heritage|42|Historic SitesThis building, which dates from 1899, houses an art store, an outdoor café and an art gallery. As soon as you step inside the general store, you become immersed in a reconstructed historical setting. In the windows, secrets of past real estates transactions are revealed. Vintage photographs take visitors on a journey through time.Lorrainville
La Galerie Notre-Dame4Témiscamingue|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|9|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesGalerie Notre-Dame presents the works of visual artists in a peaceful atmosphere. Throughout the year, it presents exhibitions covering a wide range of topics. Artists from Témiscamingue and elsewhere unveil part of their world. This art gallery welcomes exhibitions consisting of about thirty works by the same artist.Lorrainville
Verrerie de la montagne4Témiscamingue|82|1|Culture,Activities and attractions|83|9|Studios, Art Galleries and Boutiques,Culture and Heritage|43|Exhibition Centers and Art GalleriesVerrerie de la montagne is a molten glass, flame-worked glass and flame-blown glass workshop. This unique boutique/workshop offers flame-blown glass demonstrations and sells various items including jewelry, trays, lights and original souvenirs.Ville-Marie
Fêtes du 100e d'Amos1Amos-Harricana|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationAmos
Gîte La Faluche4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|26|Bed and BreakfastVille-Marie
La Maison du coeur4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|26|Bed and BreakfastRouyn-Noranda
Camping VR TémiKami4Témiscamingue|5|Lodging|24|CampgroundsThis campground provides several services in an enchanting setting: drinking water, sewage dumping station, electricity (50 amps), WiFi, restaurant (Le Coucoushee), and health center complete with a gym, spa, sauna, hamman and massage therapy services. Ville-Marie
Le Soleil Couchant5Valllée-de-l'Or|5|Lodging|28|Tourist ResidencesVal-d'Or (Val-Senneville)
La Bell en kayak|3|Outdoor activities|40|16|Equipment Rentals,On water|64|KayakLa Bell en kayak welcomes you to discover Senneterre while navigating its waterways. You can rent various types of boats, including a wide variety of kayaks and canoes. Enjoy the various routes available for beginners and pros.Senneterre
Bureau d'information touristique de Duhame-OuestTémiscamingue|8|Tourist Information Bureaus|34|Tourist Information BureausDuhamel-Ouest
Kipawa Countryfest4Témiscaming|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationKipawa Countryfest is a 3-day family-oriented country music festival held in the small community of Kipawa, rain or shine. Kipawa
Gala des musiciens amateurs du lac Castagnier1Amos|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationThis gala of amateur musicians allows to enjoy many other forms of entertainment, such as music, dance, concerts, supper and brunch. Let’s meet in large numbers under the big top! La Morandière
Journée nationale des Autochtones|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationMany discoveries await the entire family at this very colorful outdoor show. It is a unique opportunity to appreciate the rich diversity of Aboriginal cultures. Mino Pijak! Welcome everyone! Val d'Or
Aventures Obikoba|3|Outdoor activities|40|Equipment RentalsRémigny
Fossilarium|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|95|ExcursionsTo experience a great experience with family or friends, Fossilarium proposes exciting excursions to discover several species of marine fossils that are 420 to 460 million years old. An experienced guide will help you find fossils, identify them and tell you which discoveries you can keep as souvenirs. You will cross several rivers and the charming village of Belle-Vallée, situated at the head of Lake Témiscamingue.Notre-Dame-du-Nord
Mont-Vidéo|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|69|Nature InterpretationBarraute
Musée de la poste|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsTake advantage of your visit to the Musée de la poste to buy local products: honey from the Miellerie la Grande Ourse, Eska water, chocolates from Chocolats Martine, La Fraisonnée jam and more.Saint-Marc-de-Figuery
Parc national d'Aiguebelle|2|3|Festivals and Events,Outdoor activities|94|17|Wild life observation,On ground|69|Nature InterpretationParc national d’Aiguebelle constitutes an important natural and cultural heritage. It offers many hiking trails to admire breathtaking landscapes. Whether you enjoy kayaking, canoeing, hiking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, you will be overly satisfied with the many activities available in this national park. Built on top of the hill or hidden in the boreal forest, our ready-to-use Huttopia tents and rustic camps will give you a unique, memorable experience. Rouyn-Noranda (Mont-Brun)
Parc-Aventure Joannès|2|3|Festivals and Events,Outdoor activities|94|17|Wild life observation,On ground|69|Nature InterpretationCome to Parc-aventure Joannès to live a thrilling experience. Let in some fresh air as you glide from one tree to another at our famous d’Arbre en arbre aerial adventure park (7 years of age and over). Other activities for the entire family include: a giant maze, an obstacle course, a mini-golf course, hiking trails, cycling trails, a picnic area and a reception pavilion. For an eventful day, choose the right destination, choose Parc-aventure Joannès! Rouyn-Noranda (McWatters)
Récré-eau des Quinze|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|69|Nature InterpretationSaint-Eugène-de-Guigues
Réserve faunique La Vérendrye (Sépaq)|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|69|Nature InterpretationWater is one of the many valuable assets of Réserve faunique La Vérendrye. A true paradise for campers, canoeists and anglers, this wildlife reserve straddles the Outaouais and Abitibi-Témiscamingue regions, and boasts some 4,000 lakes and more than 1,000 campsites. Each fall, hunters are back to this game-rich land to carry on a tradition rooted in the practices of their ancestors. Val-d'Or
Barbin Sport|4|Snowmobile|41|Equipment RentalsRental of snowmobiles by the day, by the weekend or by the week; rates include insurance and trail access permits. Rental of proper clothing and hats is also available. To cover breakage or damage due to accidents, a $1,500 pre-authorization is requested from rental customers prior to departure and reimbursed at the end of rental. A valid driver’s license is required.Val-d'Or (Dubuisson)
Parc du belvédère|3|1|Outdoor activities,Activities and attractions|17|10|39|On ground,Nature,Water play area|69|52|Nature Interpretation,Landscape Gardens and ParksStretching along rue de la Paix, in front of a scenic viewpoint over Canadian Malartic and next to Malartic Mineralogical Museum, this public park includes a water fun area, a children playground area, a ball field, a volleyball field, sport equipment for the elderly, a skate park, a fountain, picnic areas and a welcome and information pavilion complete with a convenience store. Malartic
Parc hivernal de Malartic|3|Outdoor activities|18|On snow|74|72|Cross-country skiing,SnowshoeingIn the wintertime, let’s all go to Camping régional de Malartic to enjoy the pleasures of winter in an outstanding location: ice trails, immense snow slide in the forest as well as cross-country and snowshoeing trails. Convenience store and equipment rental. Malartic
Tournoi d'improvisation provincial La Coupe d'Ourse|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observation
La Maison Turgeon|1|Activities and attractions|9|Culture and Heritage|42|Historic SitesOpen the doors onto the former municipal office of Saint-Janvier-de-Chazel and discover the history of the municipality since the arrival of the first settlers in 1916. Maison Turgeon has been home to hidden treasures for many years until the 75th anniversary of the municipality in 2013. The site includes a barn, a stable, a dairy, a garage, a henhouse, and a vast array of equipment and tools used on the farm in the 1950s or in the forest during the colonization era.Chazel
Tour d'observation Le Nid de l'épervier|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|69|Nature InterpretationLocated within the limits of the rocky Kékéko hills, Le Nid de L’épervier observation tower offers a breathtaking 360° panoramic view. As you climb the tower, you will be amazed by the magnificent landscapes unfolding before your eyes at every landing. At the top, take time to take in the beauty of the lush forests, the vast lakes, the one-and-only Mont Chaudron and the city of Rouyn-Noranda. To get there, hike along the Réflecteur trail (high-level of difficulty) or the Prospecteurs trail (intermediate level of difficulty). Audio description from a smart phone is available on-site.Rouyn-Noranda (Beaudry)
Les dimanches après-midi au parc|2|1|Festivals and Events,Activities and attractions|94|9|Wild life observation,Culture and Heritage|47|Summer TheatresSet up at Centenaire Park, on the edge of beautiful Lake Témiscamingue, this stage welcomes performances in a variety of artistic disciplines every Sunday afternoon. Ville-Marie
Microbrasserie Le Prospecteur|6|DiningCraft beers entirely brewed on the premises. Le Prospector serves gourmet pub meals prepared with local food products.Val d'Or
Festival des contes et légendes de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationThis festival provides artists an opportunity to appear on stage and interact with the audience during original activities: tales for children, music, slam poetry, stories and tales for children. Val d'Or
Mini-ferme Domaine des trois vents|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|55|Visit a farmOn this small family farm, passion and love of animals are on full display. Here, you can admire nearly 26 miniature animal species: buck, alpaca, donkey, emu, goat and horse. You will have the privilege to observe them in their environment and to learn more about animals and their living conditions at the farm. You will also enjoy stroking them gently. A trail skirting the pens leads to a picnic area.Val-d'Or (Vassan)
La Randonnée du Réfléchi|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationAmos
Balthazar Café|6|DiningWarm and friendly place that offers daily fresh homemade products! On the spot: bakery, fair trade coffee, paninis, soups, salads and desserts. Catering service. We also sell teas from Tea Taxi.Val d'Or
Auberge de jeunesse Maeva-Témis|5|Lodging|96|Youth HostelVille-Marie
Location Lauzon|3|4|Outdoor activities,Snowmobile|40|41|Equipment RentalsRental of Ski-Doo snowmobiles to discover the beautiful trails of Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Several models available (from touring to utilitarian). Also available: snowmobile clothing and helmets. La Sarre
Barbin Sport|3|Outdoor activities|40|Equipment RentalsVal-d'Or (Dubuisson)
Boulangerie La Gourmandine|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsLa Gourmandine offers a wealth of premium products. Whether you’re looking for lovely fresh bread, pastries, prepared dishes or a birthday cake, this bakery is sure to please. Regional products also sold on site.Amos
Gîte l'Aubergine|5|Lodging|26|Bed and BreakfastAmos
La Fée-AT|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationMusic performances in unlikely venues, fun activities, zany entertainment, urban art, art performances and much more. Expect the unexpected!Amos
Forêt récréative|3|Outdoor activities|17|On ground|71|Bike ExcursionsThe trails of this recreational forest site, which covers 50 sq. km, are used year-round by mountain bikers, runners, hikers, motocross and quad riders, snowmobilers, cross-country skiers, snowshoers and wild berry pickers. The welcome centre, inaugurated in January 2012, is open throughout the year and offers many amenities in a warm, modern setting.Val-d'Or
Pavillon d'interprétation de l'esker|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|51|InterpretationWondering what lies beneath the esker? At Pavillon d'interprétation de l'esker, you will learn about the formation of eskers, the influence of Lake Barlow-Ojibway and Algonquin etymology. Interpretation signs provide information on the watershed, drainage basins and eskers. The interpretation center also explains how the Saint-Mathieu-Berry esker has formed and how Eska water is bottled. Saint-Mathieu-d'Harricana
Budget Location|97|Cars RentalRouyn-Noranda
National Location Dion|97|Cars Rental
Garage JM Perrier inc.|97|Cars RentalSenneterre
Windsor - Restaurant|6|DiningBistro food inspired by contemporary French gastronomy and Italian influences. Home-style cured meat, served on wooden boards, and shared appetizers.Val d'Or
Lieu historique national du Canada Le Dispensaire de la Garde de La Corne|1|Activities and attractions|9|Culture and Heritage|47|Summer TheatresAfter a huge success in the summer of 2014, Les Badins de La Corne company is back on the outdoor stage of Dispensaire de la garde with a summer theatre production that will make you laugh. La Corne
Bistro Elle et Louis|6|DiningA friendly bistro owned by passionate people who offer an outstanding visual and eating experience for a taste of the country.Ville-Marie
Atelier les Mille Feuilles / Centre d'art imprimé0|93|Tour and attractionRouyn-Noranda
Cabines Dulong0|7|Hunting and fishing|30|OutfittersRémigny
Camps Ronoda0|3|Outdoor activities|23|Quad (ATV) trailsRémigny
Domaine Opasatica0|1|Activities and attractions|10|Nature|49|51|52|53|54|55|95|Animal Rescue Center,Interpretation,Landscape Gardens and Parks,Public Beaches,Recreation-Tourism Sites,Visit a farm,ExcursionsRouyn-Noranda (Montbeillard)
Domaine St-Viateur La Source0|5|Lodging|92|Alternative AccommodationsTrécesson
Festival Western de Malartic0|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationMalartic
Fête du solstice d'été0|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationBarraute
Grandeur nature0|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationBarraute
Habaneros gril mexicain0|6|DiningVal-d'Or
Jamboree 4x4 Canada Amos Toyota0|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observation
La chromatique 5 km0|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observation
La Traversée des z'Elles0|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationAmos
Le Saint-Exupéry0|6|DiningRouyn-Noranda
Les Fournisseurs du Nord0|7|Hunting and fishing|30|OutfittersVal d'Or
Marchons courons à Trécesson0|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationTrécesson
Moulin Noir, Steakhouse0|6|DiningRouyn-Noranda
Club d'escalade Le Rappel du Nord - Mur et paroi0|1|Activities and attractions|21|Multi-activities|78|79|80|Karting,Horse-drawn Carriage,Amusement centerRouyn-Noranda
Noc Design0|93|Tour and attractionAmos
Pépinière forestière de Trécesson0|93|Tour and attractionTrécesson
Pourvoirie B. Doré0|7|Hunting and fishing|30|OutfittersSenneterre
Pow Wow de Pikogan0|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationPikogan
Quartiers d'hiver0|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationRouyn-Noranda
Scaro0|93|Tour and attractionAmos
Société de la culture, de l'histoire et du patrimoine de Normétal0|93|Tour and attractionNormétal
Son et lumière CCYM de La Motte0|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationLa Motte
Supercross de Malartic0|2|Festivals and Events|94|Wild life observationMalartic
Tea Taxi0|1|Activities and attractions|58|Regional DelightsAmos

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