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    Crossing the few steps left to reach the top of the hill, you are stunned by the immense sky spreading before your eyes and the depth of the fields at your feet. You are struck by the feeling of being only a tiny dot in the universe…

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    Following a path going through a forest of magnificent trees, you suddenly end up on a strangely round-shaped lake. The lake is so round that it looks like as if a meteor has left its mark on the Earth. It is a vast hole where rainwater is now accumulating…

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    When you reach the top of the hill, you first notice the copper anode welcoming you to the National Copper Capital, before being captured by the beauty of the landscape that suddenly appears before you…

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    On the top of the hill, your heart will stop for a few moments when you see this breathtaking view. A massive lake extends across the horizon behind winding hills where plowed fields meet dense forests…

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    You drive from one lake to another and are amazed by the deep blue waters and the beauty of the landscape that seems to reach its peak in this long, winding passage across Lake Camatose. And yet, this is just a brief glimpse…

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