Abitibi-Ouest - Abitibi-Témiscamingue Tourism


Abitibi-Ouest is a land of fertile soil, pristine space, rich forest and remarkable bodies of water. It is a land of almost endless horizons lying over an immense plateau of gently rolling clay plains. This vast landscape carries the legacy of the passing and melting of the glaciers thousands of years ago. The remnants of Aboriginal presence extending over 5,000 years have since been discovered.

At the dawn of the 16th century, Abitibi-Ouest became a land of predilection for fur trade between Europeans and Aboriginals. In 1912, the arrival of the Canadian transcontinental train brought the region out of isolation, opening the way to land-clearers. La Sarre was founded in 1917. Settlers, attracted by the wealth this region of natural resources had to offer, were initially interested in farming and timber logging, and subsequently in mining. The 21 localities that at present constitute Abitibi-Ouest were born out of a story of perseverance, community effort and mutual support.

With the town of La Sarre as an economic center, Abitibi-Ouest continues to live to the rhythm of the farming and timber industry. Other industrial and tourism activities contribute to a greater diversity of our economy.

Abitibi-Ouest offers adventure, a breath of fresh air, history, culture and hospitality. Come discover our many treasures: attractions, sites, activities, events, etc. Since there is something for everyone, the choice is yours.