Crossing the few steps left to reach the top of the hill, you are stunned by the immense sky spreading before your eyes and the depth of the fields at your feet. You are struck by the feeling of being only a tiny dot in the universe. You can gaze so far away that you might almost see the roundness of the earth.

Silence is invading you. You are getting used to the calm that surrounds you; it is so unusual and so perfect at the same time, it beats at the breathless rate of your heart. Moved, you contemplate the plowed land stepping up between the borders of a dense forest and think of how much courage and audacity it took to tame this wild nature. You are in the Abitibi-Ouest region, a territory where people and nature are intimately linked, a land of agriculture and forestry.

In the summer, the magnificent and vast Lake Abitibi unfolds like a sea between fertile lands that spread out flowery fragrances.

In the winter, a white blanket covers the entire landscape, continually redrawing valleys according to the wind.

In all seasons, you will find in Abitibi-Ouest builders and passionate people who will willingly share their know-how and tell you the fascinating story of this still young territory built by their parents.