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Our Team

The permanent and contractual staff of Tourisme Abitibi-Témiscamingue form a team of professionals recognized for their dynamism, energy and enthusiasm. Each member of the team is dedicated to the success of the Abitibi-Témiscamingue tourist industry serving the regional, national and international markets.



Randa Napky

Executive Director
819 762-8181, Ext. 102

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Stéphanie Lamarche

Assistant Executive Director
819 762-8181, Ext. 113

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Micheline Poitras

Director – Membership Service and Information
819 762-8181, Ext. 103

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Hélène Lessard

Direction Assistant
819 762-8181, Ext. 126

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Ann Mommo

Assistant Information and marketing
819 762-8181, Ext. 101

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Julie Piché

819 762-8181, Ext. 109

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Contractual Staff

Guillaume Travert

Sales Delegate – Tour and Travel Operators | Snowmobile Campaign Officer
819 762-8181, Ext. 110

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Anne-Marie Belzile

Media Relations Officer
819 762-8181, Ext. 110

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Réjean Lavoie

Web Community Manager|Marketing and Promotional Campaign Officer
819 762-8181, Ext. 115

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Geneviève Roy

Artistic Director
819 762-8181, Ext. 104

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France Lemire

France Lemire Product Development|Great Outdoors and Snowmobile

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Ghyslaine Dessureault

Ghyslaine Dessureault Consultant – Product Development| Outfitters
819 762-8181, Ext. 119

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Pascale Charlebois

Consultant – Cultural Mediation
819 762-8181, Ext. 124

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Virgil Héroux-Laferté

Consultant – Product Development| Cultural Tourism, Festivals and Events
819 762-8181, Ext. 120

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Caroline Lemire

Consultant – Product Development| First Nations
819 762-8181, Ext. 122

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Geneviève Aubry

Developpement Strategic Consultant
819 762-8181, Ext. 123

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Catherine Besson

Graphic Designer
819 762-8181, Ext. 112

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