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Amos vous raconte son histoire, le circuit

In a 2-km walking tour featuring several seating facilities, new actors and new stories, take a journey back to the days of colonization and discover the cradle of Abitibi. During the tour, which includes a series of theatrical scenes, Little Amos introduces you to the builders who forged today’s Abitibi. Surrounded by a musician and troubadour and by some thirty actors, Amos tells about the city’s rich cultural, commercial, medical and political heritage through prominent personalities and amazing anecdotes.

Sector: Amos-Harricana


Average visit duration: 2 h
On reservation: Yes
Child pricing: 20 $
Adult pricing: 35 $
Pricing: Senior 65 yrs +: $29
Opening hours: July 28, thru August 14, 2019. For details on performance exact schedule and reservation, consult our Website.


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