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La Maison Turgeon

Behind the doors of this house, visitors discover Chazel’s former municipal office and history: daily school life, the influence of the parish priest in community life, the importance of the postmaster, general store owner, and Caisse Populaire manager, and the key role played by the local nurse. Vestiges of the past, the farm buildings house animals and forest and agricultural equipment used in the period of colonization.

Secteur : Abitibi-Ouest


Average visit duration: 1 h
On reservation: Yes
Child pricing: 6
Adult pricing: 10
Pricing: Other rates available.
Opening hours: Commented visits (reservation required): from June 1st to Labor Day, Wednesday thru Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Rest of the year: visits available for groups of 10 and more.


857, Rang 10-1 Est
J0Z 1N0

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