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La Sarre

In 2017, the town will celebrate its 100th anniversary, yet it’s clear that La Sarre’s energy and success have remained unchanged through decades of economic upheaval. A member of the Village-Relais network and recipient of the 2016 Prix Jocelyn-Carrier award in the Quality of Life – Residents First category, La Sarre is blessed with devoted, hard-working residents who love organizing a varied line-up of agricultural, industrial and commercial events, including the popular La Sarre en neige winter celebration and the much-loved Equestrian Festival. La Sarre is a family-focussed, culturally diverse town that is always interested in hosting innovative projects. Among them are La S'Art, a major outdoor exhibition featuring the best of locally-produced art, and the Multi-use Trail, which provides a variety of ways for residents to enjoy the outdoors. Visit the town centre and explore Ernest-Lalonde Park, where a series of popular outdoor concerts are presented every Thursday evening throughout the summer. Everywhere, you will be surrounded by outgoing, friendly people. From June 28 to July 2, we’ll be celebrating our 100th anniversary: come and share in the festivities, we're waiting for you!

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La Sarre


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