Pourvoirie du lac Suzie

Exclusive right for fishing walleyes and northern pike, black bear, moose, and small game hunt, European , lodging, quad adventure. CITQ : 850587

Secteur : Vallée-de-l’Or
Classification :


On reservation: Yes
Lowest pricing: 105.00
Opening hours: May 15th thru October 30th
Number of cottage: 9
Air transport: Yes
Access: Mont Laurier to Parent to Clova to Lac Suzie Route TIME TRAVELING FROM MONTRÉAL OR OTTAWA 6H:30 From Route 117 North in Mont-Laurier, take route 309 North up to Mont St-Michel. From Mont-St-Michel, drive 2 km. At Parent road, turn right and drive 168 km and follow Parent direction. At the gas station in Parent, turn left and follow Clova direction. Drive 92 km up to Clova. From Clova, turn left over the railroad track and drive 2 mm. Then, turn right at the Suzie sign and follow the directions for 32 km. The first 14 km is an old road but a safe road. Last gas station at Parent or Clova.
Other activities: Quad adventure
Types :
  • Lake
Services :
  • Boat rental
  • Guide
Accommodations :
  • Cottage
Activities within 10km :
  • Canoe
  • Wildlife Viewing
Fishing :
  • Goldfish
  • Pike


  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Exclusive right
  • Hunting

    • Moose
    • Black bear
  • Small game
  • Hare
  • Contact

    Lac Suzie


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