Religious Buildings

Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-la-Confiance

The number of visitors to this sanctuary increases year after year. The site comprises three chapels of different sizes. The charming character of the medium-size chapel and the peace emanating from it explain why, of all three, it is the one attracting the most people. We owe the foundation of the smallest chapel, in 1957, to Mrs. Flora Bégin Lapointe.

Secteur : Abitibi-Ouest


Average visit duration: 30 min.
On reservation: Yes
Pricing: Free admission
Opening hours: Accessible all year-round, 24 h/24 h, except for the largest chapel, open only during summer. Guided tours offered. Reservations required 24 h prior for individuals and 1 week prior for groups, maximum of 20 people.
Partial access to persons with reduced mobility: Yes


72, 3e Avenue Ouest
J0Z 3C0


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