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Established in 1934, Val-d’Or is (…) from the Cité de l’Or. Moreover, carré Lapointe, on 3e Avenue, in the heart of downtown, is the site of a monument that represents a miner. It stands witness to the considerable input of these workers, who succeeded in transforming this rocky region into an unequalled land. Nearby, on boulevard Dennison, you will find the parc des Marais, which combines culture and the outdoors thanks to a path that leads to sculptures. Finally, a slight detour to the Vassan neighborhood will allow visitors to appreciate a piece of cultural heritage, the Champagne covered bridge. Ville de Val-d’Or provides free Internet connection to its citizens and visitors in many neighborhoods of the city.

Sector: Vallée-de-l’Or


Window on the production: no


(Dubuisson, Louvicourt, Sullivan, Val-Senneville, Vassan)


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