Abitibi-Témiscamingue Accessible for All

La Cité de l'Or

Discover the two historic sites that make up La Cité de l’Or, in Val-d’Or, Abitibi-Témiscamingue. The An...


Refuge Pageau

The story that will unfold as you follow the wooden trail began more than 30 years ago. It is the story of the...


École du Rang II

This school welcomed children from 1937 to 1958. It is very representative of one-room schoolhouses in Quebec ...


Amosphère complexe hôtelier

With two outdoor hot tubs accessible all year round, a gym, a restaurant-bar, meeting rooms and without forge...


Comfort Inn Rouyn-Noranda

Comfort Inn Rouyn-Noranda hotel is only a few minutes away from tourist and corporate attractions, making it t...


Hôtel Albert

A real institution in Rouyn-Noranda, the Hotel Albert immerses guests in an elegant and refined environment fo...


Le Noranda Hôtel & Spa

Le Noranda Hôtel & Spa is 71 spacious and comfortable rooms, a restaurant with grilled over maple logs, a con...


Motel Mistral

In addition to a comfortable stay and a warm welcome, Motel Mistral offers a wide range of services: wake-up c...


Hôtel Forestel

Hôtel Forestel appears just as you drive into Val-d’Or where guests can enjoy a welcoming, pleasant, and co...


Barbe Broue Microbrasserie

Located in Nédelec, Témiscamingue, Barbe Broue is a micro-brewery and a young agro-processing enterprise. Th...


Le Cellier / Resto bar

Le Cellier proposes a variety of bistro, Asian and French cuisine; wood-grilled meat is Le Cellier’s special...


Musée d'art de Rouyn-Noranda

The museum of arts in Rouyn-Noranda acts as a veritable cultural center. In addition to presenting exhibitions...


Centre plein air du lac Flavrian

This is the only centre in Abitibi that runs vacation camps for children and adults with special needs. Camps ...


Lieu historique national du Canada Le Dispensaire de la Garde de La Corne

Designated a national historic site of Canada, Dispensaire de la Garde de La Corne instantly whisks the visito...


Parc national d'Aiguebelle

Walk over 2.7 billion years, at the very place where the waters part. Parc national d’Aiguebelle is the cust...


Le St-Honoré

Bistro cafe: breakfast and catering services. Bakery: bread, pastries, and sandwiches.



The Fossilarium invites you on a journey into the fascinating world of the region’s fossils and a discovery ...


Maison du Frère-Moffet

Visit the oldest remaining house in the Témiscamingue region, which was built in 1881 and declared a historic...



A trading post, an enchanted forest, a beach on the edge of a 110-km lake, a native presence dating back 6,000...


Rôtisserie O'Poulet

Varied menu: chicken on the spit, pasta, pizza, Chinese food, etc. In the summertime, complete your meal with ...


Bar Bistro l'Entracte

This restaurant combines gastronomic delights, great performances and unique lounge atmosphere. Cuisine focuse...


Horizon Thaï

Discover an Asian fusion cuisine that combines styles, origins, and flavors. Drawing our inspiration from the ...


Hôtel Nouvelle Frontière/Restaurant L'Entourage

The restaurant L’Entourage in the hotel offers a comfort food evening menu where you’ll find familiar and ...


Fromagerie La vache à Maillotte

A true institution in the cheese industry, La Vache à Maillotte – Nordic Cheese Factory is a choice destina...



Explore the Bourlamaque Mining Village where his pretty log homes are still inhabited. Using an audio-guide, w...


Le Saint-Exupéry

Feel like a hearty breakfast or a delicious lunch? Try Saint-Exupéry. You will appreciate the warm atmosphere...


Moulin Noir, Steakhouse

A menu that is unique in the area! Come enjoy a wonderful meal in a classy decor and jazzy atmosphere.

Abitibi-Témiscamingue Accessible for All

On this 6-night/5-day tourist route, you will discover several attractions in our beautiful region. To facilitate the organization of your stay in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, we tailored a route for people with restricted physical ability.


Day 1 – Vallée-de-l’or

Start off with the discovery of our excellent regional food products at the restaurant of Hôtel Forestel. This is also the right place to spend the night in comfort.

Hôtel Forestel : 1001, 3e Avenue Est, Val-d’Or, 1 800 567-6599

Day 2

Photo credit : Mathieu Dupuis

The mining industry has shaped the history of Abitibi-Témiscamingue. At Cité de l’Or, you will find out how mineral ore is extracted and make a 300-ft underground descent to get a glimpse into the life of yesteryear’s miners. Then walk around Village-minier-de-Bourlamaque to see its pretty log houses and discover the history of this former mining village.

Before you hit the road, make a stop at l’Entracte to taste delicious regional products in a unique atmosphere.

La Cité de l’Or : 90, avenue Perrault, Val-d’Or, 1 855 825-1274

Village-minier-de-Bourlamaque : 90, avenue Perrault, Val-d’Or, 1 855 825-1274

Bar Bistro l’Entracte : 139, avenue Perrault, Val-d’Or, 819 825-9078

Photo credit : Mathieu Dupuis

La Corne

In the afternoon, take a journey into the world of settlement nurses at Dispensaire de la Garde. This Nursing Station is where Gertrude Duchemin spent 40 years of her life being a nurse, a midwife, an administrator and an occasional veterinarian.

Lieu historique national du Canada Le Dispensaire de la Garde de La Corne :
339, route 111, La Corne, 819 799-2181


Photo : courtesy


Enjoy delicious comfort food meal at l’Entourage, a place where you can feel at home.  After an eventful day, you deserve a good night sleep at Amosphère and to relax in its exterior spa facilities.

Restaurant L’Entourage : 2900, route 11 Est, Amos, 1 888 732-8307

Amosphère complexe hôtelier : 1031, route 111 Est, Amos, 1 800 732-7777

Day 3 – Abitibi

Photo credit : Mathieu Dupuis

Today, you will have a great time at Refuge Pageau. You will fall in love with the place. The Pageau family has lived a captivating, out-of-the-ordinary life welcoming orphaned, lost or wounded wild animals and, as the case may be, releasing them back into their environment or providing them long-term shelter. You will see a wide variety of wildlife, including moose, bears, wolves and lynx. Don’t forget to bring your picnic, as tables are provided along the trail. Allow at least two hours for the visit. Two hours at Refuge Pageau go pretty fast!

Refuge Pageau : 4241, chemin Croteau, Amos, 819 732-8999


Photo credit : Hugo Lacroix


From Refuge Pageau, follow the road to École du Rang II, a small school that welcomed children from 1937 to 1958. Experience a typical school day of the 1940s. With a little luck you may get to see the summer theatre play “La vie dans nos cantons” in the garage just across the street.

École du rang II : 269, Rang 2 (Route 111), Authier, 1 866 336-3289


Photo credit : Mathieu Dupuis

La Sarre

Drive to La Sarre to discover how cheese is made and, most importantly, to taste the various types of cheese produced by La vache à Maillotte and the freshly baked bread from the village bakery. You will find the cheese and bread so delicious that you will want to bring some home!

Fromagerie La vache à Maillotte : 604, 2e Rue Est, La Sarre, 1 866 333-1156



Photo credit : Christian Leduc

Spend the rest of the day in Rouyn-Noranda, where you will find restaurant and accommodation options that suit your tastes and budget.

Restaurants: Le Saint-Exupéry; Le St-Honoré; Chez-Œufs; Horizon Thaï; Le Cellier; O’Poulet; and Moulin Noir, Steakhouse.

Accommodation: Motel Mistral; Best Western Plus Hôtel Albert; Comfort Inn; Gouverneur Le Noranda; and Centre plein air du lac Flavrian.

Le Saint-Exupéry : 35, rue Perreault Est, Rouyn-Noranda, 819 797-4867

Le St-Honoré : 92, rue Perreault Est, Rouyn-Noranda, 819 764-9909

Bienvenue Chez-Œufs : 84, rue Gamble Ouest, Rouyn-Noranda, 819 762-9990

Horizon Thaï: 108, Avenue Principale, Rouyn-Noranda, 819 762-4060

Le Cellier / Resto bar : 41, 6e Rue, Rouyn-Noranda, 1 866 562-2341

Rôtisserie O’Poulet : 245, rue Gamble Ouest, Rouyn-Noranda, 819 762-4419

Moulin Noir, Steakhouse : 45, avenue Dallaire, Rouyn-Noranda, 819 797-8778

Motel Mistral : 903, avenue Larivière, Rouyn-Noranda, 1 888 608-0884

Best Western Plus Hôtel Albert : 84, avenue Principale, Rouyn-Noranda, 1 888 725-2378

Comfort Inn Rouyn-Noranda : 1295, avenue Larivière, Rouyn-Noranda, 1 844 571-1654

Hôtel Gouverneur Le Noranda : 41, 6e Rue, Rouyn-Noranda, 1 866 562-2341

Centre plein air du lac Flavrian : 3288, rang du Lac Flavrian, Rouyn-Noranda, 819 768-3497


Day 4 – Témiscamingue

Photo credit : Hugo Lacroix


Take a short trip to Témiscamingue and travel back in time at Fossilarium of Notre-Dame-du-Nord. Travel the Earth’s evolutionary history, from primitive single-celled organisms to the first humans. Go on a fossil safari with a competent guide, and dig fossils that you can take home once they are identified carefully.

Fossilarium : 5, rue Principale, Notre-Dame-du-Nord, 819 723-2500


Photo credit : Jean-Pierre Huard


Visit the oldest house still standing in Témiscamingue: the Maison du Frère-Moffet was built in 1881 and designated a historic monument. Discover Father Joseph Moffet, one of the greatest legends of the region. Thanks to this man’s strong, stubborn nature, Témiscamingue laid the bases for a dynamic agricultural industry. Make a stop at Barbe Broue Pub to enjoy a great local beer made with hops grown by the brewers. You’ll love it!

Maison du Frère Moffet : 7, rue Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, rue Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes Ville-Marie, 819 629-3533

Barbe Broue Pub : 69, rue Sainte-Anne, Ville-Marie, 819 629-7442

Photo credit : Stephane Fortin


Follow the Discovery route to learn more about the major fur trading post that Fort-Témiscamingue/Obadjiwan National Historic Site once was. 2017 is the 150th anniversary of Confederation, and Canada gives you as a gift free admission to Parks Canada sites on presentation of the 2017 Discovery Pass (available at

Lieu historique national du Fort-Témiscamingue/Obadjiwan :
834, chemin du Vieux-Fort, Duhamel-Ouest, 1 888 773-8888


Jour 5 – Rouyn-Noranda

Photo credit : Hugo Lacroix

Treat yourself with a fine meal in one of the many restaurants that provide partial access features to people with restricted physical ability, and have a good night sleep before you spend a full day in the great outdoors at Parc national d’Aiguebelle. The self-guiding trail “La Castorière” is specifically adapted for people with restricted physical ability. We recommend that you bring a snack to enjoy the full experience.

You still have a bit of energy left?

Visit MA, museum of art.  This museum presents several exhibitions of national and international caliber. In 2017, MA will welcome more than 10 exhibitions. You wish to take back home a souvenir or a gift? Visit the craft boutique; you will find a vast selection of items made by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists.

Parc national d’Aiguebelle : 12373, route d’Aiguebelle, Rouyn-Noranda (Mont-Brun)
1 800-665-6527

Le MA : 201, avenue Dallaire, Rouyn-Noranda, 819 762-6600


Your journey in Abitibi-Témiscamingue has come to an end. Please come again for other discoveries!

Have a pleasant stay in Abitibi-Témiscamingue!


Note: To check the accessibility rating of establishments, visit