When you reach the top of the hill, you first notice the copper anode welcoming you to the National Copper Capital, before being captured by the beauty of the landscape that suddenly appears before you.

You are entering the Rouyn-Noranda RCM and are about to arrive in the town of Rouyn-Noranda. You have just crossed what is commonly known as the Joannès hill, one of the highest points of view in the area. At first glance, you can recognize the two massive chimneys of the Noranda mine and admire the city spreading all around a lake surrounded by a dense forest. From here, you get a glimpse of what makes this territory so charming: its proximity to nature, contrasting with its urban dynamism.

Known for its cultural vitality and entrepreneurial drive, Rouyn-Noranda has no reason to envy the big cities. You will find everything quickly and without traffic to please everyone, from the microbrewery to the chocolate factory, including the Thai and the tapas restaurants. The chefs prepare exquisite dishes using regional products of which locals are very proud.

In the summer, festivals and cultural events come one after the other, creating an exciting festive atmosphere.

In the winter, the snow blankets everything and the city appears calm, while the cultural bubbling continues inside and the warmth of the people quickly warms the heart.

At all times, you will meet friends, passionate and cheerful people who will readily communicate their love for their region.