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La Sarre

La Sarre is member of the Village-relais network; it received the Jocelyn Carrier Award in 2016 in acknowledgment for the quality of life it offers to its citizens, their audacity and originality evidenced through must-see events, and the diversity of its agricultural, industrial and commercial activities. Naturally warm, always friendly and definitely focused on family and culture, La Sarre has built a reputation for innovative projects like La S’Art, an impressive outdoor path along which fine works by local artists are exhibited, and the Sentier multifonctionnel, a multipurpose trail that provides a stimulating environment conducive to family development. Visit the city center and parks, where our popular summer evenings Jeudis sous les étoiles take place. This summer, La Sarre will inaugurate its first outdoor piano to please our senses! Wherever you are in La Sarre, you will find a generous and inviting environment. Welcome to La Sarre!

Sector: Abitibi-Ouest


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La Sarre


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