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Capital of culture, this is the fame of Rouyn-Noranda! As Abitibi-Témiscamingue’s urban hub and regional capital, Rouyn-Noranda boasts an unrivaled cultural abundance. Through its diverse performing arts, music, theatre and visual arts scenes, Rouyn-Noranda embraces culture in its many forms. Just outside downtown, the area’s many landscapes and stunning vistas will awaken the senses. Topping the must-see list is Parc National d'Aiguebelle with its top-quality accommodation, unparalleled cuisine and amenities like the Jardin Spa health center encourage you to discover, savor and immerse yourself in our city’s contemporary charm. For your convenience, free parking permits are available to tourists at the tourist information office.

Sector: Rouyn-Noranda


Window on the production: no


(Arntfield, Beaudry, Bellecombe, Cadillac, Cléricy, Cloutier, D’Alembert, Destor, Évain, McWatters)


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