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From township municipality in 1897, Guigues became, in 1912, the municipality of Saint-Bruno-de- Guigues in honor of the first township bishop, Mgr Joseph Eugène Bruno Guigues. Its history unfolds throughout various attractions, among these the Domaine Breen, built in 1906 and the “Dénommé” covered bridge, erected in 1933. Despite the absence of remnants to attest to this, it was in Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues that the first silver mine in Canada (Wright Mine) was opened at the end of the 1800's, until it was definitely closed in 1952. To emphasize this singular era, the municipality had a replica of the mine made to be used as a frame for a sundial with a diameter of 5 metres (16 ft.) and a height of 3 metres (10 ft.). This sundial is unique in the region and has been set up near the church. Today, agriculture and small business are the economic drive of this vacationing sector situated at the heart of Témiscamingue.

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