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Trécesson consists of two areas: Villemontel and La Ferme. A watershed runs through the western part, delineating the drainage basins of the St.Lawrence River and Hudson Bay. Also, the two main rivers follow opposite directions: the Villemontel River flows south, while the Davy River runs north. A detention camp, built in L Ferme during World War I, was used as a place of transit for more than 1,200 prisoners. Until to the late 1960s, the premises successively housed an experimental farm and an agricultural school. Nowadays, it is a historical interpretation center and open to the public. Moreover, you can visit the Arboretum; a 1,3 km interpretive trail which brings out the exotic tree species that are on the site of the old forest tree nursery of Trécesson.

Sector: Amos-Harricana


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