On the top of the hill, your heart will stop for a few moments when you see this breathtaking view. A massive lake extends across the horizon behind winding hills where plowed fields meet dense forests. You are in the Temiscamingue region, and your eyes can no longer leave the lake of the same name.

In the summer, the warm wind carries the scents of apples, blackcurrants, canola and all the treasures that grow here. Letting the fragrant air surrounding you, you feel an uncontrollable sense of freedom invading you. Let the wind guide you to one of its fishy lakes. There, you will dive into waters so deep that they seem almost black. You will see abrupt cliffs and erratic boulders—witnesses of ancient times—rising in the forest. You will want to taste the wealth of products from this land.

In the winter, your gaze will be irresistibly attracted by the horizon gliding over the curves of the fields wrapped in bright white. You will want to become a gust of wind, roaming the snowmobile trails, lifting snow vortices behind you.

By strolling through the streets of Ville-Marie, the main town of the Temiscamingue region, you will understand how it is possible to live both in the city and in the countryside at the same time. Quality restaurants, a movie theatre, an art gallery, a microbrewery and many other businesses are living alongside a beautiful lake and dense forests.

You will undoubtedly fall under the spell of the locals. Thanks to their radiant smile and serene calm, you will feel at home right away with them.