You drive from one lake to another and are amazed by the deep blue waters and the beauty of the landscape that seems to reach its peak in this long, winding passage across Lake Camatose. And yet, this is just a brief glimpse of what the Vallée-de-l’Or (the gold valley) has to offer. As its name implies, this territory is known to be extremely wealthy, not only for its land, which contains precious metals but also for its dense forests and fish-filled lakes. It also has great human wealth because it is home to determined people and creative entrepreneurs.

In Val-d’Or, the main city of this RCM, you will be charmed by the heritage site Bourlamaque, a village of log houses built by the Lamaque mine in the 1930s and still inhabited today.

In the summer, you will be carried away by the bustle of festivals, or you will enjoy long walks in the woods where the sweet perfume of spruce trees fills the air. You will cool down in the lakes or fish in a peaceful setting.

In the winter, you will skate on frozen lakes or in the forest. You will enjoy the dynamism of the coffee shops, chocolate factory, and microbrewery and take the time to savor regional products in our quality restaurants.